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Bees - does anyone have any knowledge or contacts for advice about bees? We have noticed today bees (??) going in and out of a small hole in the external wooden skirting board below our patio doors. They look very busy! Not sure whether to ignore them or gently help them move elsewhere.... and if so, how? Grateful for any advice, thanks.

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Elvis-Presley 1489412142

I once had an issue with bees in the soil in the garden immediately next to a house in the UK and was surprised to find that there was a species of bee - might have been called miner bees? - that lived underground. 

Are you sure they are bees and not wasps? Over here we often get wasps nests in the cavities of our metal window frames and you see them coming and going a lot. Once they made a nest in the bottom of the hollow metal of the gate to the driveway - only found them when I swung the gate open and they all swarmed out and bit my ankles!

Baigie 1489606340

Hi Elvis, thanks for this.    Good question.    Not wasps we are sure as we had them in a cavity wall in another house and this is different.    They are dark coloured looking bees - sort reddish tinge to them.      Someone told me they are 'carpenter' bees and will use one hole each to gather/eat wood, and when done they will leave.       They seem harmless enough, so just keeping an eye on them for now. thanks again.

ithacar-ithacar-895397 1489736552

I think that fully grown carpenter bees are the big fat shiny black ones that you often see flying round the garden and amongst flowers and plants. If anything they have a blueish tinge so maybe yours are young ones coming and going? I have read that they generally nest in old wood in the garden and not usually house timber.

Baigie 1489737533

Thanks so much for this insight.   We will try and take pics, they are busy but not interested in us! (we hope).

Nancy-931998 1489742600


These are mason bees- smaller,hairy,orange stripe- they nest in any hole,they love shutters, then cement the hole-hence the name- and reuse it every year.

In my experience the magnificent carpenter bee ,biggest bee in Europe;prefer wild old wood and leave their hole open.

Both species are harmless,it's not even known if they have a sting.

I also know the abeille cotonnière-cotton bee??-they look like a cross between a mason bee and a wasp,they swarm-right word- on lavender when in bloom

and are fascinating to watch as the males keep fifghting up in the air...

have a good time!!

Baigie 1489747387

Keeping beady eye on them.  Thanks so much.

Elvis-Presley 1489762037

Mason bees! Those are the ones I meant when I thought those I had in the UK were miner bees! They had a number of holes right next to the house that were mainly in the ground but also going into the brickwork

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