Buying a dehumidifier

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Hi We are looking to ensure our bathroom and kitchen are completely dry for the winter, when the house is locked up.  Could anyone recommend where we could buy a reasonable good and reasonably priced dehumidifier locally  - we are south of Perpignan.

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I have one used and one Brand New unused but I'm based just outside Quillan - which might be to far away ?

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I bought this one from Amazon France recently and I'm very pleased with it. I did quite a bit of research before buying and this one seemed to constantly top the recommendtions list. Not too expensive, either.

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Thank you for your posts.  Yes I think Quillan is too far.

In respect of the Amazon dehumidifier, I was not expecting to pay as much - however I have researched as well and that seems to be the price for a reasonable one. 

Has anyone ever been able to hire one - I know we did that back in UK before, rather than buy?

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