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Hi, can anyone tell me the price of 22 ml copper piping in the Carcassonne area? many thanks, Jane

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Old boy 1456212002

Hi Jayne. 

The 22 mm size copper you enquired about is a British size only not exactly sure on eqevilant sizes

in France  you will find copper pipe in France more expensive due to the gauge (thickness)

if you  are planning a large project and want to us copper you can convert from French to British 

why do you want to use 22 mm  I fitted my villa in Nissan in British tube to  chaff  and my solar pool heater but took everything with me from GB post me back if I can give you any further help


richard2244 1456224794

You will find BricoDepot sells 22mm Copper pipe, the price will be on their web page. Sold in 2M or 4M lenghts. Reference numbers 512655 & 512660 respectively.

Old boy 1456251308

Oops Richard  have I dropped a miss informed point out to this point or is the next size 22 mm if so many apologies to all 1459800360

22mm copper is reasonably expensive, especially at the brico's. Do you really need that size? Normal household copper is from 12 mm to 18mm possibly 22mm mains in a larger property. Remember that not only is the pipe more expensive but so are the fittings. If the pipe is hidden then consider using plastic pipe as this is cheaper by the metre but the fittings can be more expensive so you need to work it out carefully.
I am over in mazamet and since i work as a plumber I use malrieu, ccl and cedeo and get the pro rate. If you would like, i can get you a quote for the pro rate. Please,if you can, avoid UK pipe sizes as this can cause problems in the future if you have any issues.

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