Damp proof membrane for under tiles on an outside terrace

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Does anyone know where you can buy a thick damproof membrane which will go down before tiles are laid on a terrace?   We've seen the sort of thing which we want, being used by a local builder.  It comes in a roll and is stuck down, with a surface on one side that cushions the tiles, and has a sort of grid which holds the adhesive on the side to be tiled, but can't find what it's called, or where to buy it.  We didn't get the builder's name so can't ask what it was he was using. We may have to do something urgently ourselves as we can't get a builder to do the work before it's likely to start raining again, and the water is pouring in through the terrace after we removed the old tiles, even with a tarpaulin laid and stuck down. Thanks.   Val

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Not quite as you describe but designed for the job you have in mind.


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