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Hello...I'm here doing some renovations for some friends, I need to know where is best to go to buy things like paint, oils and stains for decking etc! Obviously in the UK there are trade centres and/or more general outlets like B&Q but I'm unsure as to what's what over here. I'm based in Lezian Corbiers so anyone in the vicinity who could point me in a'd be much appreciated. Cheers.

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wildone-988732 1518782348

Hi.. I find the best place is Weldom on the Narbonne road leaving Lezignan.

Hope this helps.

baxterjay 1518786666

There is also the Bricomarche in Lezignan, which is bigger than Weldom and (depending what you want) has more choice. For a big 'superstore' there is Brico Depot (like B & Q) in Carcassonne.  Bon chance!

jonjoh 1518849932

try mag tout across the road from inter mache,

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