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HI,  thinking of buying a house but it needs renovated part of which is a rewire. I got a quote which I think is extortionate so was going to do it myself as I worked as an electrician in the uk. I would need to track horizontal across the wall. Is my understanding of french regs correct that i can do this by putting the cables in steel conduit that runs along the top off the wall but not below 1/8th of the total height of the wall? The house has concrete ceilings throughout! Would appreciate feed back if anyone can confirm or deny. Cheers

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You can look up the regs.You have to put vertical feeds in in certain positions as well .No ring mains but you can put a surprising number of double sockets on a 2.5mm  feed.The same with light sockets.Check out earthing and the cavalier attitude to sockets near sinks.

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I haven't been able to find them in English but from what I could understand when I read them was the above message was allowed. The socket would be at low level but the steel conduit would be to get from 1 end of the wall to the other as its a concrete ceiling. Do u have a link for a translation of the regs? Thanks for your reply

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