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Hi I am hoping for some advice. I got our bathroom refurbished during Jan 2016.  Unfortunately the shower has leaked since then. I meet with the guy that installed the bathroom last September and he advised that there was not a problem.  It just needed to dry out properly and that perhaps an extractor fan would help.  My husband and myself think that they may have not sealed the walls first before putting the tiles on.  We have since sealed the grout but I have just arrived out at our holiday house to find the shower is still leaking But a lot less than before.  I want to email the guy and get him over for another meeting to discuss the issue but I would like to be a bit sure of my ground.  Can I sue him, do I have to allow him to correct the problem at his expenses I assume.  Any tips or info I should put in my email would be gratefully received Thanks

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If you paid a registered tradesman then they will have insurance and they have to give you the company and reference/policy number on the devis and invoice.  That is pretty much the best option. If it was someone working on the black or for cash in hand there is nothing you can do. 

As for the leak itself, it is pretty unusual for it to leak directly through the tiles or grout and it is more likely either a water connection, bad silicone or the water is getting into the back where the shower unit actually comes through the tiles or through screw holes which hold any fixtures in the shower. This also includes any panels which are screwed to the walls. 

You need to inform them in writing that there is still a problem and you want it fixed, give a timescale for fixing it, if they do not comply or try to argue then you go to the insurance company and speak to them. If your french language is not up to it then please use a translator or interpreter to avoid confusion. 

The insurance is there for your peace of mind and protection and is actually very good, ought to be for the amount we pay per year. 

Basically as with all things there is a process, registered post is best for communication, if you use email make sure you attach a read reciept and ask for confirmation.

l hope this helps.


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