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We are going to install a TV in our holiday home and want to receive French TV.  I understand that we need to purchase a TNT box and need a viewing card.  Does this come with a box when we buy one, or do we have to get this separately and if so where from?  We already have a satellite installed so we only need to get the box and card.Thanks

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We just have an ariel & a HD TV & receive loads of French channels. NO box required.

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We couldn't get any at all when we tried to tune it in last time we were there.  When I read up on it, it says that you need a TNT Card.  Wonder if its our TV then.

Thanks for replying

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If it's a recent TV, it should be able to receive the TNT channels. If the TV is old, there is no card needed, just a set top box like the ones in Darty here:

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The TV is only about 18mths old so hopefully I will only a card.  Can I buy these separately do you know?

George F 1471343638

That will be recent enough to receive French TNT channels. No idea about cards to watch TNT. Certainly not seen any advertised and when the switchover happened it was just a case of re-tuning our TV. You may need to chose the Digital/Analog button on your remote control to get the TNT. And when setting up, use the Digital Set-up rather than the Analogue Set-up.

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