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Hi we are searching for a house around the Puivert, Chalabre region and the surrounding areas and very lean on finding a few like minded people to socialise with . We love cycling, walking  , eating good food , drinking and generally having a good laugh . We are very early on in our search but being close to a thriving village is important with people who speak English to socialise with ( until our French improves) any info would be great . Thanks 

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John-Halford 1517583423

Go to your nearest LIDL and you will hear them..

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Good choice of location. Don't know if you know about the Monday morning market in Mirepoix. It is a popular meeting point for ex pats and normally you will hear plenty of english, There are a few cafes where people gather. The bookshop sells english language newspapers and you will see adverts on the outside for various services, groups etc. In fact, In fact if you can buy in or close to Mirepoix, it might be better for you although property tends to be a bit more expensive there. If you choose Puivert, you are about 30 mins from a great Sunday morning market in Esparaza (near Quillan), again, the kind of place where you will meet ex pats. As far as I know, Puivert is a bit more remote in general, not even sure that it has a bar but I can't remember to be honest. If I can be of any further help, just ask

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Hi Laura.  I live in Belvis up on the Plateau de Sault about 15 minutes from Puivert maximum.  Puivert is a lovely place with a couple of bars/restaurants and a British run brewery with a lovely roadside bar.  There is also a lakeside café in the summer time.  The lake is really lovely for swimming and because of the castle there are plenty of visitors and fetes such as their annual medieval fete.  Myself and my husband are very keen cyclists and walkers too and the area is just fantastic for both.  You really couldn't wish to be in a better area for those pastimes.  This area is more undiscovered by the British but I'm finding they are now gradually moving in little by little so you will, without any doubt, find English speaking friends.  We belong to the Quillan and Axat Cycling clubs so you'd be welcome to meet up with us for a chat.  Have you found a house yet?  There are lots of properites up on the plateau near us for sale and they tend to be much cheaper.  The environment is pristine up there and the walking and cycling to die for.  We're unfortunately in the UK at the moment but will be back to live permanently from end of June/beg of July.  We'd be happy to meet up for a chat?  Let me know what you think and we can perhaps exchange emails.  

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Forgot to say there is also an English Library in Quillan.  I pop down there quite regularly.

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