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Hi anyone help us to get a water meter put in. Bought property with water supply in cave belonging to appt upstairs. Have no access but paying the bill. Just need to get our own supply and pay so they can cut off the other owners then not my problem. Any property management people willing to help , happy to pay. Odette

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As I understand it, water supply (and therefore meters) are usually fitted via your town hall. It sounds like you may have to pay to fit a new, separate connecting pipe to the mains (usually just outside in the street) - and then have the meter installed. Our town hall insists that the water meter is installed "into" an outside wall (to enable it to be read without having to access the property). It also takes the opportunity to replace any old lead pipes - at your expense. Be prepared... it isn't cheap.

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Hi -    the procedure in our village is to go to the Mairie and he organises everything on your behalf .   Carol x

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Hi thanks for the info, I will go the Maries office when we are next there. We have already been to see him about the problem, and he said not for him as Lyonnaise deau control the water. But worth another try obviously our Marie not as good as yours.Odette

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