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Hello, Really need some help finding a property to rent privately close to Narbonne. We have been living in the Dordogne for 4 years and now looking to move. Really need a home home with at least 80m2 and a garden. If anyone has a property they are looking to rent please contact me. We have excellent references from our current French landlords and we are happy to pay a years rent in advance if necessary. Self employed professional couple with a small dog. Thank you so much!Esther Deneau at or on 0663958195

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ValDa (Aude) 1519846938

Have you had a look on LeBonCoin (Classified Adverts) - lots of private landlords, and agencies advertising places.  Here's the result of the search for Lezignan Corbieres:


Obviously if you have specific requirements  - you obviously want a house and a garden so you'll need to exclude a lot of them - but it's worth a daily look to see what comes up.  There was a nice apartment advertised on here in Servian (which is not quite your area but not far away) in a working vineyard!   Look in the small towns and villages around the area, too - sometimes that's where the better bargains are!

Nic -Clarke-908350 1519921459

Hi Esther, 

Though not in Narbonne, I have a lovely house in Rennes Les Bains that ticks all of your boxes. If you're interested, please feel free to drop me a line... 


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