Is anybody house hunting?

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Melou 1515865311

Yes - why do you ask?

Nic -Clarke-908350 1515932492

I was asking because we have a house in Couiza that I want to advertise for rent  or for sale and my father's house needs to be sold in Rennes Les Bains so I wanted to ask where people house hunting do the majority of their searching. Is it online, through private sale, or through agents? Through sites such as this or through magazine based sites.  I'm trying to find the best places to advertise without paying to advertise on many where the traffic may not be so great. 

phoenix1-537317 1515949489


Leboncoin is one possibility

Many people sell privately on the site so no agents fess, although agents also advertise frequently there. I came across an interesting situation where both agent and owner advertised the same property on practically the same page of Leboncoin, one major difference i.e. the price. The agent priced the property at 10K more than the owner so the buyer in question saved 10K by going directly to the owner. See the web address below

Southern Guy 1515953876

Expect many, many time wasters.. You will also need to speak french on emails, telephone, etc..

Who would be available to show the houses to buyers??

phoenix1-537317 1515955608

Hi Southern Guy

I have found the time wasters to be more active in relation to smaller transactions, especially cars. Regarding who shows the house if you contact the owner, I have found in general that the owner shows the house and yes you are correct, it is better to speak french or have somebody on board who will help with french

Nic -Clarke-908350 1516358234

Thanks Phoenix, I'll consider BonCoin. I did use it frequently when we lived there.

Southern Guy, we have somebody who can show the house for us at any time which is great. 

Do you guys rate Green Acres, France Property Shop, and even the AngloInfo as sites to pay on as the top sites? 

Thanks in advance. 

phoenix1-537317 1516379809

Hi Nic-Clarke

I have no experience of Green Acres or France Property shop nor have I heard  any reports, good nor bad. I did let a property some years ago via Angloinfo and had a successful experience. I am currently selling a property and found my buyer via word of mouth, otherwise I think I would have used Le Boncoin or simply placed a for sale sign on the property with my phone number on it, as quite a number of people in my region do. My friend uses a site named to view french properties. I gather that seloger unlike le Boncoin is agent based but perhaps they get a lot of hits, so I suppose it is one to consider.

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