Lezignan Corbieres

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HiSomebody I know is looking for a small village house (no garden required)  or apartment in Lezignan Corbieres or other towns around there close to the A61. Max budget 50K. Please don't reply saying that he will not get anything for that price, because he will.

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91figaro 1465199711

Hi,I have a small 50 sq meter house for sale.It's in an impasse so you can sit outside.Electrics, water, sewage, two storeys. Needs love and modernizing thirty thousand euros it's with an agent if your friend wants to deal at arms length.Peter

phoenix1-537317 1465209506


Can you point me towards the Auctioneer's listing as I would need to see some photos. If you prefer, you can email photos and details to georgedelafrau@gmail.com

ValDa (Aude) 1465242748

Have a look at the Le Bon Coin website


(sorry can't post hyperlink here now).

There are quite a few properties within your friend's criteria and price range, and there will be more in nearby towns - depending on how far away he's willing to go. Most have photographs and you can ring the seller (sometimes private sales, sometimes agents) or email, for more details.

phoenix1-537317 1465331855

Thanks ValDa

Yes, I have been keeping an eye on LBC. Other towns or villages a bit east of Lezigan Corbieres would be ok too

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