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Hi We have a holiday home south of Perpignan and we are looking to replace the corner sofa in our living room.  I was hoping that you might have some suggestions in relation to stores to try when we are next out.  We are looking to buy a reasonably prices sofa say between €1500 - €2000.  From our initial look last year, the shops we tried seemed to be either very cheap or hughly expensive.  In terms of a british comparision we are looking for a Next sort of buy - reasonably priced, well made and comfortable.   Thanks Ruth

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There is a new shopping centre at the Carrefour Perpignan/Cabestany. Chateau rousiliion. There is a new shop there called cozy concept. They have all different types of sofas

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Thanks Kathy.  We will give them a try.

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Conforama have loads pity the sale has just stopped,but well priced

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If there is a FLY near you then they are well worth a look. Very good quality at a really good price. Its the French IKEA!

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