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Wanting to connect up to the mains Gas. It's not been used in 5 years however the original gas meter has been capped and removed ! Is this normal in France ? I'm presumming a new meter is fitted at no charge if reconnecting ? Mains gas (gaz de ville) supplied by GrDF or GDF are these the only suppliers ?  Can anyone recommend a competive surplier ? What charges are involved in being connected ? Are you tied into a contract ? Any help would be appreciated

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buttermaker 1442087619

The only place to get accurate answers to your questions is by contacting the gas companies.

ValDa (Aude) 1442094451

Have you read the information about Gas suppliers on Angloinfo?  It's a good place to start and may answer some of your questions.

potter-493265 1442423975

Lampris are very competitive. They are also very green. You read your own meter and send in on line.

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