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I am considering a pool heater. Does anyone have a Calyenty pool heater system fitted, that could offer any info good or bad. Thanks.

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When we first had the pool I installed an inline electric pool heater it was an expensive disaster.I took it out and we use two solar heaters we bought and installed from Tridome they are plumbed in line with the pool pump and heat the water so hot you can't touch it coming in.They are basically black plastic pipe wound round in a little see through dome.

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Many thanks for the info. The system I am looking at is a heat exchanger system that uses air temperature to heat the water. I am however interested in the system that you have mentioned. Could you please let me know what size / how many panels you need per pool volume? Thanks

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it sounds as though you ae talking about the air/water heat exchanger ( pompe chaleur ) systems, these are good, but they are not cheap to run. We have just installed a solar system for a client with an 100mt3 pool. This uses evacuated tubes and goes through a heat exchanger to heat the pool. Even on an overcast day the tube fluid is running at around 45c. The cost of running after intial outlay is a 150-300w pump, Consider that your kettle is probably 1000w. There are 150 tubes in five panels and the system comes ready to install.

It all depends on your usage and what you want the temperature to be.

We are removing more electric systems and replacing with various types of solar more and more.  

The latest system was from Navitron in the uk according to the labels. They would be a place to start.



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