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Hello everyone,We hope to buy a small holiday home in the Languedoc, perhaps over Beziers way. Perhaps nearer the coast? Can anyone please suggest a nice area/village/small town where we can start looking ? Quite honestly we haven't much idea. Many thanks, in anticipation.Mog Jones

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ValDa (Aude) 1519847545

What sort of place are  you looking for?  Do you want cheap and cheerful?  If so you may need to look inland and away from the beaches.  Or do you have a good budget and can pick and choose?  I like Vendres,and Serignan, and Lespignan, and Fleury - but I wouldn't call them 'pretty' in the way that villages in the Dordogne area can be pretty.  They are 'working villages' - so not quite as tarted up as in a lot of places.  However, I wouldn't dismiss places much further inland.  We ended up buying in a quite remote village (even though thinking we wanted somewhere busier) and love the place so much now that we felt it was just meant to be.

Have you had any preliminary visits?  If you don't know the area well then perhaps a flight down and a drive around might be worth while before you even consider where to start looking.  Friends of ours, and looking for a holiday home, hated the area!!  I think they were looking for 'pretty' and found 'dusty' and 'sun-dried' and 'washed out' and it wasn't what they were expecting.

ValDa (Aude) 1519847967

I was going to add 'Have a look on LeBonCoin' and see what's available in which towns and villages - that might well affect your search area.  There are houses available in our village from 51,000 euros!

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