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My wife and I are due to spend the whole next week in or near Narbonne looking for an appartment as close to the city centre as possible.  We're not entirely new to the French property market, having owned a flat in Nice up until about three years ago.  When we were last in Narbonne in December, we visited a number of estate agents on our final day and asked them to email us details of any flats that might meet our criteria.  None of them sent us anything.  A general enquiry on 'Les Cles du Midi' brought one reply with along with a number of adverts, but when I asked where the properties were (even just a specific area - I appreciate they don't give out addresses), the answer was a polite refusal.   Does anyone have any idea how to communicate with the maximum number of agents without having to contact each of them directly?  At a fee of 6%, I'd have expected them to be falling over themselves, but I'm getting nowhere and there's not much time left.  At this rate, it looks like we'll trudging the streets next week and pressing our noses on all the windows we can find..  

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RGelYesDoc 1431357071

That's an all too common story but if you try Anneise Bosshard at you will find someone who really knows the market and behaves as you would expect an estate agent to!

TASKER-497318 1431357686

Hi -   we had the same reaction when we tried to contact estate agents from the UK.  We occasionally got a luke warm reply -  but the message was clear that they only take enquiries seriously when you are actually there ready to view.    The agents wont tell you any address for a property or sometimes even the village so you cant go and view without signing with them first -  this is to stop people cold viewing and buying privately with the vendor.   We tried to say to one agent -  we know where we want to buy -  so if you tell us where the property is and we dont want to be in that village - then we can save you the trouble of taking us on a pointless viewing.   When we had our property for sale we had the reverse -  many viewers who obviously didnt want a property like ours but the agents had decided it was worth bringing them.   However once you do build up a relationship with an agent they are generally very keen to help.   It could be worth making a phone call to the agents rather than an email -  they might be more helpful -  where as they can just ignore emails  Happy hunting !! Carol x

sebastianH 1431948195

Look at properties on Leboncoin in the area as well as trying agents.. No agents fees and more and more people using this website. We sold our property in Brittany on Leboncoin to French people. Worked brilliantly as sellers. Assume you have some French whic would be useful.

bobbyjohn-10043565 1444078464

xactly the same as you and have been bombarded by Logic=immo and Foncia, in a good way. We left our details and searched online and nhave had loads of info and offers of rdv.s with them when we go down for 3 months at the end of October.

Alan C-B 1444170392

... as all others have said Le Bon Coin and possibly Green-acres .com - the rest are a shower!

bon chance!

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