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Hi, we are seeking a nice house to rent around Carcassonne for 6 months and would like advice on the best way to find a property.  We are still currently in the UK so trying to do this remotely. Are there any good websites? Thanks

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duxfordman-482363 1488120538

Try Le Bon Coin.  French web site.  Choose Languedoc as the region, Search under location in categories.  You can narrow the search by choosing the town itself.  Otherwise look at

Best of luck

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Hello is another site see,2,4

Theres also a nice Irish Pub in Carcassone named The Celt, sometimes somebody knows somebody etc

Good Luck

fiveonetoengland 1488718383

Hi Vickie

I have a place, get in contact if you'd like details

Vickie-Howarth-853752 1488720407

Thanks fiveonetoengland, I think I may be sorted short term but would be interested in more information as it could be an option for us later on?

fiveonetoengland 1488733100

Hi Vickie, I dont know how to contact you directly via this site, any ideas?

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