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Could someone please tell me if either Super U or Leclerc in Limoux are big enough to sell a fridge freezer? Many thanks.

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You might be be better off to try Darty in Carcassonne for your fridge freezer. Darty have good prices, deliver and take away the old item

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Thanks so much for replying. We have bought from Darty before who are great but (long story!!) time and van hire from Limoux are the reasons for my question.

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Hiya  -   generally Leclerc and Super U  sell their white goods in their Carcassonne stores but do occasionally have them in Limoux  -   there is an electrical goods shop inbetween Lidl and Super U that sells fridge freezers.   We now buy online for best price and delivery from  Cdiscount or .    If you are on Facebook try the page  -  For Sale or Wanted Limoux Carcassonne  -   a mix of new and used items for sale by mostly english people in this area    Carol x

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Thanks for replying Carol and for all the info. I am a member of the FB group so will give that a go. We are taking possession of our new house next Friday and will probably go to Darty to collect a fridge. We only have the weekend to get sorted so I think this will be the best bet. Really appreciate your help. Mary X

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