Temporary house rental/caretaking/housesitting wanted

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Angela Hope



Hi, we are an English couple who live in and manage a large house near Castelnaudary. We have holiday guests for a month in July/August and need to move out. We are seeking a small property to rent for a month or can provide caretaking or house sitting. I can provide a link to the website to our house so you can see the quality of the 8 bedroom house that we look after. We are practical people and are very used to managing high all levels of changeovers.Please contact me if you have anything suitable. 

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Hi  -   if you are on Facebook there is a page called  For Sale or Wanted Limoux Carcassonne  -   there are a couple of adverts offering long term rentals for very reasonable rates  -  one was only 300€ per month     Carol x

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contd !!!    also someone was offering rent reduction in exchange for DIY    and people looking for house sitters  

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Thanks, that is really helpful, I will look now. 

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