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can any one answer this question, someone has said that if you do not watch french tv you dont have to pay the tv licence

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chèvrefeuille 1469049865

If you use any equipment capable of receiving a TV broadcast you need a French TV licence. If you watch UK satellite TV or even watch DVDs on a TV set you still need the licence. Strangely TV programmes viewed via the Internet on a PC, tablet or phone are exempt.

Icey 1469050397

You have been lied to.

pimpernelalba 1469194668

Forget're down to pay, just like the rest of us.

I dont suppose french payers would be very happy that you would otherwise not be paying eith UK or french licence fees.

Good try !

TASKER-497318 1469443651

Hiya  -   our french tv licence is charged on our Tax d'Habitation -     you can tick the box to say you dont have access to tv etc but proving it would be the same as in the UK     Carol x

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