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hello, I'm looking to have wifi installed in my apartment in La Redorte (aude).  Can anyone advise if they know someone who can provide and install it for me.  I don't currently have a telephone - so would need to have the line opened as well. As this is a holiday home, we were wondering if there are any providers who enable payment for the months you use it only?My French is pretty basic - so it all seems rather daunting!thanksKatie

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le pomme 1492756218

Orange is your best bet......we pay euro 36 approx incudes unlimited broadband calls are free to uk and most of the world they have an english speaking phoneline..the staff in the orange shop in Narbonne are very helpful,there is a cheaper package called sosh.......only drawback is.....you can disconnect for the time your not here...but it has to be in writing,we tend to just not bother as we are in france for a month, home for a month and so on,hope this helps

Katie -Ravenscroft -898211 1492759165

Many thanks. Is the Sosh package with orange as well?  I'm not here from October to March, so this might be the best one for me. 

le pomme 1492775797

Yes it is orange,if I remember it also has a mobile offer as well,but all their services offer the disconnection.....go to portail orange and have a look

Chef-492743 1492842694

I used that Sosh once and they required the modem to be mailed back i during the disconnect period 

Katie -Ravenscroft -898211 1493630245

Thanks I'll definitely look into it and weigh up the benefits. 

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