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I have a property for long term rental near Olonzac and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where I can advertise?  I used to beable to put a small classified on Anglo and on occassion, on the discussions page but that seems to be no longer available. Any suggestions where I can post? Thanks

started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1424216654 · posted: 1408445079

Hi We have recently moved near to Limoux and looking for someone to maintain our salt water swimming pool Can anyone please advise on this or recommend anyone local to look after once a month?  Thx in advance  

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We received a bill which is several times more than last year's. It is also more than triple the usage of our water in our house in England which is our normal home - we stay in our little house in France (near the canal and near the Aude) for a total of about 8 weeks spread over the year.  We queried it with the supplier and tried to suggest that the usage was impossible. Apart from suggesting that we checked the calibration by drawing a few measured litres of water (which we did and seemed to move the meter the correct amount) they would not engage with us. They sent us a final demand which we read as suggesting they would cut us off, so we have paid the bill. Has anyone else had similar problems with a huge bill? Can the water company cut us off?Can anyone suggest what we do now? 

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We have just received our water bill and, instead of asking for the fixed payment for the half year just passed, they are asking for that plus the whole of the fixed payment for the upcoming year. This means 3 fixed payments, 2 of which are now in advance. I was wondering what folk thought about this and whether there is anything thqt can be done about it    Geoff Coller

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Can anyone recommend an insurance company to insure a holiday home. We are currently with CA who we feel are very expensive although when we had a claim they paid out very promptly and fairly. Thank-You  

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We are planning a move to the eastern area of the Languedoc and will need to store our furniture etc ahead of purchasing a property. Does anyone know of storage facilities in the Perpignan/Narbonne/Montpellier areas. We have looked on the Internet but had no joy. Thank-you.

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Can anyone enlighten me re the rules on devis here?  I received a devis from a builder by email which I accepted.  He then asked for payment which I sent by direct transfer. He then emailed me a contract signed by him but which I never signed myself. said he'd start work and that it would take about 2 weeks with someone on site every day.  He demolished the cupboard in the my room and said he'd back the following day.  This was last November and I haven't seen him since!  Am I wrong in thinking that there's a time restriction regarding the acceptance of the devis and the beginning of works?  I have a horrid feeling that the builder has done a runner with my money!! Am considering approaching the gendarmerie.

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Our home in Mailhac is in need of some interior repainting and wallpaper removal.  If you know anyone reliable, please let us know. Neil  

started by: Ianinlanza · last update: 1421186549 · posted: 1420996464

We are having problems with an electric window shutter in our house.  Do you know of anyone near Quillan who can service shutters or help rectify our problem.  It is nothing to do with the electrics - it appears as though one of the shutter links has snapped.

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does anyone know of a shop in carcasonne selling english brand paint

started by: wildone-988732 · last update: 1419260491 · posted: 1419116094

We are looking for someone to give advice and be able to draw suitable plans to put forward to the Marie for a roof terrace. An idea of what costs are involved would be useful. We are in the Lezignan area. All comments are welcome. Happy christmas to all.    

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if you need a excellent honest reasonable  plumber, contact.  Freddie Sinbaldi based in Beziers he is French speaks a little English Water pipes,bathrooms showers toilets  and outside water pipes 0650526500 mobile  based  in Beziers

started by: farsider · last update: 1417105145 · posted: 1415897064

Anyone know of a reliable heating system installing company?  We purchased an old home in Mailhac, and currently, the only heat is a small electric heater, a woodstove in the kitchen that heats that well, and a small woodstove in the dining room that we've yet to use.  We plan to be year round residents, and would like to have a whole house cental heating system installed. Thanks for anyt help that you can provide. Neil

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Our gas cooktop runs from bottled gas and we are unable to lower the temperature sufficiently for slow cooking. We think the jets may be for town gas instead of bottled and the cooktop was here when we recently bought. Does anyone know whether changing the jets would make a difference? If so, where could we buy them. We are in the Aude. Thanks.

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I was talking to a friend last week and he mentioned overhearing a conversation about a decoder box to connect to the TV here in Languedoc to allow viewing British TV programs sent over the internet.  Anyone have any information on such a device? Thanks, Neiol

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HI we are looking for some one who is going to london area who can take some of our mixed bag of furniture , would suit a van going back to uk as can meet at most destinations up to london area we then would help you pay for the petrol and tolls , need approx 7 metres minimum we will help load and unload at both ends thanks

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Lost BBC this morning, will have to see when the others go, any one know. Will have to wait and see what is the best future option.  

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Hi. I returned to France yesterday after spending a fortnight in the UK. I turned the Telly on and, unexpectedly. all our TV channels have returned. I say unexpectedly because since last February, when we lost BBC and ITV etc.. we haven't taken any steps to upsize our Sat Dish from its current 80cm.  Is this a temporary thing (mild weather ?) or has the signal improved? We are in Puisserguier - NW of Beziers.

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Can anyone tell us what areas to avoid in the Aude which are particularly windy when looking for properties to buy. Thank-you.

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Was wondering if anyone out and around Carcassonne Narbonne know anything about prefab house builders or is there anyone living in one of these houses, They are build of wood but may be rendered the same as most french houses.

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