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Is there any rule of thumb for pricing of a piece of land 'terrain non constructible?'Does anyone have examples of price per  M2   ? We are looking at a piece of land in a lovely position (in Aude/Minervois area) it is overgrown has a dilapidated garage on it and is 615 M2..     any thoughts?

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we are hoping to find a property in this region.It needs to be fully habitable, with a garden....not on a main road and in a village. We would like 2/3 bedrooms and a small gite.The style of house ....not modern and with lots of character. Budget 300.000 euros.If you have something to sell please get in touch johnchinon@hotmail.com

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Can anyone recommend an installer for a bigger dish in order to receive UK TV ?

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I live in argens minervois and due to a series of events and being let down by several "frieinds" i find myself departing in a few days for 3 months without storage for possesions.Does anyone know or have a 10 m squared space in garage etc.... to store small boxes and two small items of furniture for three months. I will pay 400 euros a month and will pay all upfront. I am also now carless with two small kids so for an extra 300 euros would anyone be able to move it to said hypothetical storage.Just seeking a decent honorable agreement. ideally in the next two days.If anyone has any information or ideas please ring 0622728797. excuse any typos two small chimps around me.Elle

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We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the region are suitable for us.so if you have a house that you want looked after or that you are holding off selling until the market improves do please let me know.many thanksrich 

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Hello folks.Can anyone recommend an asbestos removal company in the Aude region.We have a few sheets of roofing (that have flown off an out house) as well as an old chimney stack that  we would like to have removed.Thanks in advance..

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Hello, I am looking for someone to help with our salt water pool. To fit a new PH Probe and also look at the 'eco salt' system  as there is a calcium deposit in the pool (I think it probably needs the system cleaning, but not sure how)! Also to check the pump/sand filter working as it should beWe live 15 minutes from Limoux, be grateful for any advice or contact details pleasemany thx

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Can anyone recommend a painter and a plumber in the Perpignan area?

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hello, I'm looking to have wifi installed in my apartment in La Redorte (aude).  Can anyone advise if they know someone who can provide and install it for me.  I don't currently have a telephone - so would need to have the line opened as well. As this is a holiday home, we were wondering if there are any providers who enable payment for the months you use it only?My French is pretty basic - so it all seems rather daunting!thanksKatie

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I move out here some 10 years ago with my brother and sister. My brother died very suddenly 4 years ago and I find I am not able to do all the jobs that need done on my own, as my sister needs 2 new hips anyone know of someone who could help.

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Are there any heirloom tomatoes grown here and if so where can I buy plants?

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Hi, I am looking for someone to maintain our garden every two weeks (approx 3 hours) from April to September - no grass to cut - just needs to be kept neat and tidy.  Based near Olonzac. Thanks

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Hello, I am looking for a property to rent for me and my family. Ideally with 3 bedrooms, a garage and a garden within 30 minutes of Montpellier or Nimes. I hope someone may be able to help. Otherwise does anyone know of any English speaking estate agents in the area who deal with rentals?Also, could anyone advise on the nice areas to live in the area Montpellier/Nimes? Perhaps a little north closer to the mountains?Thank you in advance. Victoria Grant     

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Bees - does anyone have any knowledge or contacts for advice about bees? We have noticed today bees (??) going in and out of a small hole in the external wooden skirting board below our patio doors. They look very busy! Not sure whether to ignore them or gently help them move elsewhere.... and if so, how? Grateful for any advice, thanks.

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I am considering a pool heater. Does anyone have a Calyenty pool heater system fitted, that could offer any info good or bad. Thanks.

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Hi, we are seeking a nice house to rent around Carcassonne for 6 months and would like advice on the best way to find a property.  We are still currently in the UK so trying to do this remotely. Are there any good websites? Thanks

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Hi we are buying house and the survey house shown that the vynyl floor tiles on one level may contain asbestos, they are in good condition and the surveyor has stated that they can be kept but we must be aware in case we want to remove them.Just in case we do want to remove them sometime, does anyone know where we would dispose of them once they are up, I have been researching and feel that they are quite safe while in situ and would take all recommended precautions if they have to be removed, just want to know if the disposal is mega expensive, would appreciate anyones experiences on this matter, thank you

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Greetings,Does anyone have an idea of what a gas line should cost per meter.The distance of the 63mm line will be quite significant (300m+), but I'm simply looking for an average cost per meter.We already have a trench and are looking for the cost of the physical line (including sectional fittings).Thanks in advance..

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Hi Does anyone know a decent builder in the Argeles area. We are looking for someone to take down a dividing wall, put in an archway and do the relevant plastering.

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I am looking for a long term rental property for a couple moving to Herault from Australia in January 2017. So far not having much luckk. Looking in and around Pezenas, Montagnac, Florensac, Marseillan, Adge areas. Open to anything at the moment.

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