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Greetings,Does anyone have an idea of what a gas line should cost per meter.The distance of the 63mm line will be quite significant (300m+), but I'm simply looking for an average cost per meter.We already have a trench and are looking for the cost of the physical line (including sectional fittings).Thanks in advance..

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Hi Does anyone know a decent builder in the Argeles area. We are looking for someone to take down a dividing wall, put in an archway and do the relevant plastering.

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I am looking for a long term rental property for a couple moving to Herault from Australia in January 2017. So far not having much luckk. Looking in and around Pezenas, Montagnac, Florensac, Marseillan, Adge areas. Open to anything at the moment.

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I am hoping to find someone who will knit a plain cardigan for me in 2ply alpaca wool.

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We are seeking a 3 bedroom house preferably detached with dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) for long term rental for a mature non-smoking couple with two small dogs. All areas considered.

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Just acquired a property in Cesseras that has a whole big empty half in which a full sized indoor table tennis table would fit in perfectly.  If anyone knows anywhere locally that sells such a thing or has or knows of someone who wants to move one on, I would be grateful.  Looking for new, nearly new or in good nick.  Must have a minimum of a 22mm table top...

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What's a reasonable price to pay for land in the Minervois preferably in the Siran/LaLiviniere region?  Not for building on but more for growing fruit and veg and getting out from the middle of a village and a house with just a small courtyard?  I think this is probably leisure ground? I just want a garden really.  I guess an acre or so would suffice, the dog could run, I could tend crops etc. My general criteria would be that i'd need a well or some kind of water source, I'd like to be able to reach it by car so I can carry tools and the like to and fro and I don't want it to be in a floodable zone as I don't want to see all my efforts wash away or drown.  Also, some kind of shade would be nice for those hot summers.My problem is I asked an immo and she said that land is worth nothing but I've looked around and clearly even scrappy land is worth quite a lot.  Does anyone know a price per meter or is it just what someone's willing to sell it at?  I don't want to get fleeced so any advice would be welcome.Thank you 

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Greetings..    Can someone please provide some basic guidelines for the cost (per meter) to dig a trench 60*60 CM for a water pipe.Flat terrain, no rocks, private property.Thanks in advance..

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I'm looking for a long term rental from May for 5 or 6 months near Villers-Bocage, can anyone recommend a nice 2/3 bedroom cottage in a quiet village? Thank you.

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I'm thinking that it would be useful to have a borehole in the garden for our own gardening water supplies if we have another dry year and more hosepipe bans. Has anyone used a diviner and drilling firm recently and was the request well received by the Mairie? (Thinking that we are tapping into water under our land but have read that permission is harder to get as you are tapping into common aquifers.)Minervois area

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Hello ...... is it possible to redirect mail using the internet without going to what was my local post office to fill out the forms? ..... thanks for any relies.

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Hi. I am actually in the Aquitaine but was no category for that? Does anyone know if both toilet and bath/sink waste can go into one ie the soil pipe before they go through to outside or do they remain separate until external .

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Hi we are an Irish family living in Banyuls sur Mer, Lans Doc. We are currently looking to move to somewhere in the Aquitaine region in about 1 year and will spend the autumn weekends  driving over to checkout potential areas to settle. We  have never been to the area but are looking at GirondeLandes Pyrnees-Atlantiques That covers a huge area ! So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a particular part of these departments based on our following search criteria:Non - touristy - yep it's a popular area but we want to be in area where there are other permanent families like us  (we have young children).  and not just summer rentals Also where we are now is extremely busy during the summer and very quite during the winter and we are looking for somewhere with more of a population balance.Outdoor activities - somewhere we can walk, bike, swim etc and within walking distance of a town. We have car but just the pleasure of being able to walk to the Boulangerie can never be over estimated!There is more but it's probably best to keep it as simple as possible Thanks in advance for any inputGarrett

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Hi,We are a semi-retired professional couple/ex company directors in our late 50's and we are looking for a property to either rent or house sit long term. Ideally we would like in or near Pezenas but will consider a radius of 30 min drive.We are willing to do gardening and look after the property and do minor maintenance if needed. A garden is essential as we have two well behaved dogs. Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend someone to have a look at the ecosalt system on our pool please?There is scale in the pool and not sure if working correctly?? We would also like to have the sandfilter/ph isi pool system checked/general serviceWe live 11240/AlaigneMany thanks, Sarah

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Hi all, I am looking into the possibility of permanently swapping a great house with barn and land in the village of Rennes Les Bains for a property in the UK, Ideally in the South West and over into Wales. My father, who's property it is, has decided he no longer wants to retire to his house in France when he's finished his time working in China, and as such, I'm paving the way with options. Has anybody successfully swapped a property from France to the UK? Was it easy? And maybe, WOULD anybody be interested in a large three bedroom house, with barn attached (internally!) large river frontage garden and unexplored woodland behind the property (Lord knows how much!)?I'm just investigating. All and any chats, advise, offers, would be greatly appreciated as I think retirement looms quicker for him than he thinks!Many thanks. Nicola 

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I have bought my shutters back to England to restore. They have been stripped but I want to keep them bare wood not paint. What should I use to get best protection against weather. They are very light wood so would prefer to have them a bit darker but not stain them

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Hi,We have suffered a major house fire and need a Structural Engineer to check the condition of the remaining ground floor and foundations are suitable for a rebuild. Does anyone have a recommendation for a registered English speaking engineer near to Marseillette/Carcassonne?

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need someone with gardening knowledge  to prune and tidy shrubs and trees in garden near St Chinian. we have a trailer so getting rid if the wastes is no problem

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Fed up with watering and reseeding and don't want to pave or gravel. Can anyone recommend an artificial  lawn layer!

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