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We are going to install a TV in our holiday home and want to receive French TV.  I understand that we need to purchase a TNT box and need a viewing card.  Does this come with a box when we buy one, or do we have to get this separately and if so where from?  We already have a satellite installed so we only need to get the box and card.Thanks

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Hi, we're thinking of putting in an offer on an old farmhouse (near Pamiers) but knowing nothing about French property we are thinking it might be wise to get a builder to look over it first?  I know there are official surveys the vendor is obliged to carry out, but never having bought a property in France before, we're not sure how much we can rely on them. Any thoughts?Also, any English speaking builder recommendations would be very welcome.CheersMike

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HelloDo you have an apartment for sale in the Beziers area or do you know anybody who does. The Budget is 50K. A balcony is a huge plus. We are especially interested in Serignan.Please get in touch as we will be in the area next week i.e week beginning Monday 17th July 2016

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Can anyone recommend a plumber in the Carcassonne area please who doesn't mind the smaller jobs.many thanks

started by: Angela Hope · last update: 1469615267 · posted: 1467972367

Hi, we are an English couple who live in and manage a large house near Castelnaudary. We have holiday guests for a month in July/August and need to move out. We are seeking a small property to rent for a month or can provide caretaking or house sitting. I can provide a link to the website to our house so you can see the quality of the 8 bedroom house that we look after. We are practical people and are very used to managing high all levels of changeovers.Please contact me if you have anything suitable. 

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Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a pro-active estate agent in the Carcassonne area.??thanks

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Could someone please tell me if either Super U or Leclerc in Limoux are big enough to sell a fridge freezer? Many thanks.

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can any one answer this question, someone has said that if you do not watch french tv you dont have to pay the tv licence

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We are a retired couple needing to rent a home, as soon as possible, furnished/non furnished 2 bedrooms min. with parking, for six months while we search for a house to buy.  Our budget is 700 euros/month and we are looking in the Narbonne/Capestang/Olonzac area.  Currently renting in Olonzac area.

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Could someone give me a rough idea of the monthly costs for garden maintenance and pool cleaner for an average sized pool and garden.Secondary residence. Vinca 66320 Pyrenees OrientalesPool is narrow and long..I would say 6m x 2.5 m and garden around 600 sq m..no special planting. Any recommendations perhaps of people local to area?thanks

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It's first floor and I've got the scaffolding up.Also the hole through the stone wall.Electrics also in place inside.I need the brackets putting up and the lump fitted on the outside.The inner bit would seem to be lighter

started by: phoenix1-537317 · last update: 1465331855 · posted: 1465128126

HiSomebody I know is looking for a small village house (no garden required)  or apartment in Lezignan Corbieres or other towns around there close to the A61. Max budget 50K. Please don't reply saying that he will not get anything for that price, because he will.

started by: Antonholl · last update: 1464784436 · posted: 1464607475

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Hi We have a holiday home south of Perpignan and we are looking to replace the corner sofa in our living room.  I was hoping that you might have some suggestions in relation to stores to try when we are next out.  We are looking to buy a reasonably prices sofa say between €1500 - €2000.  From our initial look last year, the shops we tried seemed to be either very cheap or hughly expensive.  In terms of a british comparision we are looking for a Next sort of buy - reasonably priced, well made and comfortable.   Thanks Ruth

started by: jsteen01 · last update: 1460653651 · posted: 1459354147

Does anyone have any pool maintenance people they could recommend for the Olonzac/Felines-Minervois area of Languedoc ?  We need someone to do the weekly checks and servicing of our pool which is rented out.  Please email me at Judith.steen@37grc.co.uk if you have any ideas. Thanks

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I have sold my house and am looking for a property to rent for max 6 months from late May early/ June in Aude or anywhere along coast from Narbonne to Spain!I must have at least two bedrooms and garage or garden/yard where I can park car and trailer.Furnished or unfurnished.Please reply to bazcrof@gmail.com or tel 04 68 46 87 55

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We are hoping to install a 5m above ground pool.We have had advice that if we put a cover on and take away the steps then we are covered for legalities...........we may want to let out the house. Our neighbour says that if we let out the house then we need to have a fence round the pool and an impenetrable fence round the garden.That doesn't make sense to me........does anyone have any good info?I would be very gratefulThanks

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Hi, can anyone tell me the price of 22 ml copper piping in the Carcassonne area? many thanks, Jane

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Anyone living local to Vinca or surrounding areas who is or can recommend qualified and registered workmen or renovation company to quote for work on a  villa ? Electrician, plumber, hesting engineer, pool maintenance, painter and tiler  Also looking for local key holder gardener/ handyman send contacts  by  email junegolfe@yahoo.co.uk

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 Oh yes!post code 11200

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