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I have just had a firm come in a tell me that my roof rafters need to be treated for Capricorn and woodworm in the loft spaces. The quote to treat these nasty creatures has come in at 2000 Euros. Now I've been down to the DIY store and can buy the treatment liquids for 60 Euros. Is there any great skill in slapping this stuff on worth 2000 Euros or should I do it myself? Has anyone done it themselves? Any useful advice would be gratefully received. KieranHalfway between Beziers and Narbonne

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I have heard that you need to know quite a bit about Internet and computers to get through the Free setup process; has anyone experienced that?

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In the UK the double glazing firms were always phoning asking if I'd like new windows. I never did. Ironic now that I am trying to find a glazing firm they are hard to find. I have found a few fliers and adverts, but they are all the same firm just using different branding. Has anyone had their old French windows re-glazed? I have had a quote but the firm insists that I install windows in PVC or wood – as a single panel with fake separation bars. I like my windows; I just want them double glazed. Any information would be gratefully received. Kieran Halfway between Beziers and Narbonne

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Does anyone have a contact in the region for installing a solar heating system for my pool? Any ideas on cost would also be helpful.Many thanks.Boudine

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We are selling a 5 year old sofa-bed; it has been used only occasionally, mattress is still quite good. It is the "clic-clac" type and blue colour. 150 euros ONO, needs to be picked up in Carnon (South of Montpellier). Thanks!

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We would like to have our well water tested before we give to drink (including kids...); how can this be done?? Thanks ! Heidi T

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Does anyone know if you can sell your house if it has a pool but does not have a security system like an alarm or fence? No-one I have spoken to so far has an answer. The secondary question is this: if you sell the house with no pool security system, are you acting outside of the law???????

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We don't need much for our holiday home but are keen to buy 2 matching sofa beds,rugs, dining table and chairs and a double bed. All our needs are catered for by Ikea I guess but we want a big chunky old/new pine table which they don't do. Can anyone recommend good stores with lots of choice and reasonable prices as we'd prefer local suppliers. We are half way between Carcassonne and Perpignan. Thanks!Sue

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Does anyone know where I can buy 'fly doors' as seen in Australia. These are rigid and self closing.I have tried all sorts of curtains with little success.Any help will be appreciated.Boudine

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I need someone to come to the house in Montpellier and look at our computer - can anyone recommend someone?

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On our last visit to P.& O we bought some paint for the walls of the house which we had just bought - but didn't find the quality very good. A friend who lives in the area said many British people had complained about the quality of paint available in France. I said we were going to bring some paint out from the U.K. on our next visit and my friend asked if I could bring some for her too. The only thing is she asked whether there was a mechanism where she would be able to reclaim the V.A.T. (She runs a hotel busuness in P.&.O). Has anyone any experience of this? Also does anyone know of what and where good quality paint is available in P & O? We are coming out within the next couple of weeks. LizLiz

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We are wondering as to whether or not we should bring our furniture with us when we move to the Perpignan/Montpellier area. It may be more cost effective to 'sell up' and buy 'new' once we are in France! Does anyone know very roughly, what new furniture costs in France? Are there plenty of outlets to buy used furniture in this area??? What sort of costs are involved? Any advice would be welcomed.

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looking for someone to finish building a garden wall, bloc work + rendering. House near Revel Please contact me for further info. Colin Hooker 05 61 97 11 17

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Does anyone know if Ikea vans can be hired at the shop in Montpellier? In the Paris store you can hire a van really cheaply for half a day if you buy more than a car load and I wondered if you can do the same here? Much appreciated.

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Hello again, I have just realised that I have a severe shortage of bedding and towels! The family is arriving imminently. Help! Does anyone know a good shop for buying cheap and cheerful towels and bedding? Thanks

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Will be taking over our house in February 2006 and need to fully equip and furnish it. Want to buy everything in France. help please with brocants, shops, etc in Beziers area, will initially have two weeks to shop till we drop!!Clare

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Hi, I'm a complete newbie to the forum, so I'm unaware if this question has been asked before. I purchased a property in the Herault a couple of years ago and am (slowly) trying to renovate it in my holidays. One of the things I'm keen to do is to use Solar power to heat the water, and I'm also interested in PV (photo-voltaic) to supply some or part of the electricity. I would have thought that with the beneficial climate in the Languedoc that a number of forumers would already have been down this path. If anyone has, I would be very interested to hear your experiences. Cheers, Graham

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a top quality leather lounge suite in the Limoux/Carcassonne  area or even further afield if necessary? Sadabbott

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What sort of finish was applied to the inside walls of French houses about 30 years ago.  For instance in Ireland all walls would have a hardwall plaster skim finish.  This was then either painted or papered. I hope to paint all the walls in a home I am buying in Bessan, currently papered and am not sure what to expect when I remove the paper.  I got to see under a little piece and it looked a bit powdery.  Any experiences?

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Looking at paints at the moment and can't figure out what oilbased under coat paint is in French?

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