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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a top quality leather lounge suite in the Limoux/Carcassonne  area or even further afield if necessary? Sadabbott

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What sort of finish was applied to the inside walls of French houses about 30 years ago.  For instance in Ireland all walls would have a hardwall plaster skim finish.  This was then either painted or papered. I hope to paint all the walls in a home I am buying in Bessan, currently papered and am not sure what to expect when I remove the paper.  I got to see under a little piece and it looked a bit powdery.  Any experiences?

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Looking at paints at the moment and can't figure out what oilbased under coat paint is in French?

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We wish to source suppliers of water storage tanks and solar panels in the Herault region.  Would we need planning permission to install this type of system which I hope to do myself?  Also would anybody know if grants are available and which agencies we should approach?

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Our neighbours are carrying out an extensive renovation of their property and have piled all the rubbish and debris near to our house.The rubbish comprises mainly of huge sandstone which falls away onto the side of our house. We have a small piece of land at the rear of our house but because of the hill we cannot get to it, they have blocked an entrance to it. The land where the mound is is owned by them.They say we can go round over their land if we so wish. But they are refusing to move it because they want to use the rubble for some future building project. Are they allowed to do this? Or does anyone know what we can do to have the mound moved so it does not present a danger to us or our property?     

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how do i get rid of weavels from my cupboard? I've thrown everything away and disinfected it, what can i do to make sure they don't return?yuk!

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Can anyone give me an approximate idea of the costs of getting a telephone line and internet connection in Montpellier? (if that makes a difference) I'm looking for ways to use a laptop computer when we are down there. Are there any otherways to do it? I have to say that I'm slightly apprehensive about taking this step, as it's quite nice not being on the end of a phone, but I do miss the internet facility.ThanksGrannyFi

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Hi there Could anyone recommend a removal company please to take stuff from Brittany to Capestang (34) ThanksHave a nice dayRocco

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With all this hot weather the water in my pool seems to be evaporating very quickly, i was wondering if there are any restrictions against my filling it up or watering my plants? in london they have had a hose pipe ban for months - are we just more organised over here in france?tinks

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I need to purchase a stair gate. Where is there a good baby supplies shop near Nimes please?

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I'm looking for advice, I have found termites in three of the beams in my living room. The beams have started to rot and will obviously need replacing. Last night i hardly slept as i was imagining these creatures crawling all over the bed. If they are in one room does this mean they will be elsewhere? what can i do to stop the spread of them? a friend of mine said once a house has been infested i can not sell it on again - is this true? any advice will be happily received, i am seeking some advice from a pest controller, but being french he can not come til tomorrow! yuk!

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I understand that in order to complete on our house the current owner will have to supply a certificate saying that there are no termistes in the house. Does this certificate have an expiry date? is this something we will have to cover regularly?

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Our new property has an existing pool, however we need to ensure that we meet the legislative requirements regarding safety. What on earth do I need to do? I am already very confused between alarms, covers and fences. Some shared experience would be extremely welcome.

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I really want one of those lovely US style spa tubs for the patio. Has anyone any experience of where to find such a thing here?

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Where's can I find a good quality Summer Pool cover?

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Can anyone recommend a good quality furniture shop? Near Montpellier. I cannot abide IKEA and would rather pay more for good quality and workmanship.

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Which is the best market in and around Nimes for buying Provencal china and baskets (the shopping and hand bag type)  

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The house we are buying as a septic tank which, as I understand no longer complies with the wast water laws. I would like to understand what we need to do to replace the tank before I ask for companies to prepare a devis. Can anyone help?

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Hi We recently purchased a property in Sete and would like some decorating done. I'd appreciate if anyone has any contacts they could pass on. Also we need to buy furniture and electrical goods and would love to hear any recommendations. Cheers    

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Hello all, Is there any computer experts out there? I need help!The Problem: I have a US Robotics Broadband Modm/Router model 9003, that gives Ethernet or USB connectivity. The adsl cable rj11 fits into the back in the adsl port and it works perfect on my laptop and networks the other 2 puters.I have just bought a Linksys Wireless G Router - WRK54G with 4 port switch and network card for my laptop. The internet port is rj45 - ethernet size.I have another laptop and a pc. I have installed the network card ok in to my main laptop (which is the only one of the 3 that I want wireless at the moment). The problem is I cannot get the Wireless router to work properly. I have followed all the instructions properly on the setup disc but it get right to the end and tells me it cant find an internet connection. What am I doing wrong? I have been able to manually get into the router configuration page but afer that I am completely lost. I am with Virgin Broadband. My card can find the Router. When it did connect and I unpluged the Ethernet cable from the laptop, I lost internet connection. There must be something I am doing wrong. Please help if you can. A simple idiot proof walkthrough would be very much appreciated. What I need is a simple guide to which wire goes where and the configuration of the wireless router for Virgin Broadband if possible. Many thanks Chris

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