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I have a set of copper pans which need relining. Any ideas of where I could get this done would be much appreciated. I live just west of Beziers so anywhere near would be great otherwise anywhere in the region. Many thanks

started by: BritAbroad-900711 · last update: 1452701548 · posted: 1452177856

Hi  I have about 500-odd English paperbacks to give away, all well(known authors such as Wilbour Smith, Cussler, Higgins, Cornwell, Christie, Patterson, etc. Free of charge, but must be collected. Near Béziers/Hérault

started by: LYNNEE · last update: 1452536123 · posted: 1452536123

Interested to find an electrician in the Fitou/Leucate and/or surrounding area who can speak reasonable English.  Any recommendations welcome - many thanks

started by: nbishopshaw-484347 · last update: 1452086542 · posted: 1452086542

Hi, We recently sold our holiday apartment, Vine and Mountain in St Paul De Fenouillet. I just wanted to give a lot of credit where credit is due to the British Estate agent who sold it for us. If you are looking for a professional, helpful, bilingual, committed estate agent that will do exactly what you are paying him to do then this is your man !... I strongly recommend him and thank him for making the process painless. Tim Boldry Artaxa Immo SARL (Perpignan) +33 (0)6 73 16 86 81 tboldry@artaxa.com

started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1451813521 · posted: 1451494165

Hello Can anyone please advise where we can buy a piece of toughened glass for a woodburner......Limoux area if possible many thanks

started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1451550461 · posted: 1451550461

I am looking for someone to have a look at a washing machine that is faulty.....any ideas please

started by: Stephanie42 · last update: 1451471486 · posted: 1451471486

Is there anyone in the Olonzac/Minervois area who can service my Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner?

started by: claud-81452 · last update: 1451326523 · posted: 1451325619

Hello I am hoping to buy land with ruin or land with permission to build in the languedoc or midi pyrenees regions ... i am somewhat confused as to whether it's better to buy privately or through an immobiliere ... any information or advice would be welcomed ... thanks for any replies ...

started by: nuphilx · last update: 1450974383 · posted: 1450806872

I'm looking to have a roof terrace added to my house in Carcassonne in the near future. Has anyone on here had any work done, and could recommend somebody to me? I speak basic French, but if they speak English it would certainly be helpful Merry Christmas !

started by: jsteen01 · last update: 1450691891 · posted: 1449900035

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy 2 tons of gravel for the garden please? Is shingle common in France or what would be nearest cheap alternative name ? Anyone in the Beziers/Narbonne/Carcasonne area would be good thanks

started by: Angela Hope · last update: 1449844087 · posted: 1449844087

Hello, we are a British couple who have lived near Castelnaudary for 3 years. I am a designer/marketeer and my husband is a carpenter. We have managed a large house for the past 3 years. We are live in caretakers, have undertaken a lot of the renovation/decoration work and have also managed the holiday lettings/changeovers, maintain the pool and gardens. We are looking to take on a second house, either to manage for the holiday season, to carefake or to manage a renovation project. If you have a property that you need help with within 45mins of Castelnaudary, Aude, please contact me.  

started by: riverstone · last update: 1449155534 · posted: 1449155534

Hi  We will be moving to the Limoux area next year and are looking for a flat-bed truck as we have farm exquipment to move i.e. tractor, does anyone know or someone or a company who we could use. Also for removal company, we live in region 6500 Near Tarbes. thanks  

started by: friartuck · last update: 1448800373 · posted: 1447665830

...hello, i am here with a friend who is looking for a house in the country with some land and possibly outbuildings somewhere within 30km (or thereabouts) of perpignan...if anyone has such a property or knows someone who does, please let us know as we are only here for another week or so...thanks...

started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1446734579 · posted: 1446734579

hello, can anyone advise if there is anywhere close to Limoux who could dye some curtains for me? They are very large so could not be done at home.... many thanks

started by: Cheesy-10056658 · last update: 1446722855 · posted: 1445811128

Does anyone know of a reputable firm in the Perpignan area who is able to servicde an Atlantic-Franco-Belg combie heater that is not very old.  I seems to have acquired a freak. Thanks Cheesy

started by: sallylouisecollinson · last update: 1446453339 · posted: 1443632033

I am looking for a tree surgeon, Quillan area. Any recommendations would help. Thanks

started by: bobbyjohn-10043565 · last update: 1445983651 · posted: 1445975873

Hi, we are moving to Narbonne beginning of November and need storage space for cartons etc. Does anyone have, or know of a garage, box or whatever  to rent for a couple of months? John S  

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Apologies in advance, as I know that this subject has been discussed ad nauseam. I have been hanging on since a year last February to decide whether I should buy a bigger Satellite dish in order to access UK TV. The consensus of opinion seems to have shifted backward and forward - buy a bigger dish, use filmon, change my VPN, use a computer driven solution etc etc.. Some people who have installed larger sized Sat' dishes have found, after a period of time, that it hasn't been worthwhile, as the signal strength keeps changing, thereby wasting a few hundred euros. I've tried most options so far, but resisted the purchase of a larger dish (say a 110 cm). Can anyone tell me if it is the best solution or not - and what quality of picture they have received with this size dish?  For info: I live in Puisserguier (NW of Beziers...my Sat dish is about 80cm size, and very occasionally, we can pick up some of the free to air channels (bbc 1,2 Itv etc). Thanks  

started by: juliebourb · last update: 1444674855 · posted: 1444146715

Hi all, Finally about to start our huge renovation but in need in of some 'old' building materials...bricks, flooring etc.. Are there any reclammation yards in the area, or any other suggestions on where to get hold of some? Specifically we're after 4sq m of red 'saint Jean' bricks (the thin ones).

started by: icanthearyouwhatareyouonabout · last update: 1444645639 · posted: 1444473495

Would anyone know if you need the Gas Boiler to be serviced in France for House insurance purpose's ? Is it the same process as having the Chimney being swept ? Thanks  

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