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I am looking to get a couple of quotes for the painting of the exterior and shutters on our holiday home.  I would appreciate any recommendations.  We are south of Perpignan. Thank you

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Hello Everyone   Here is one to get your teeth into. Quick version is I bought my house some thirteen years ago and basically had a satellite dish attached to a rising exterior wall above roof level and not visible from anywhere except maybe a hot air balloon or the like. At the time did not ask anyone's permission as I assumed because it was on my wall there was no need, I did though inform my neighbour whose house is attached to mine that the dish was up there. This information was met with a shrug. All good says I. New person (French) buys the neighbours house in 2006 and basically rents out rooms to seasonal workers. No problem so far.  Today, some 9 years after she buys she speaks, no! Shouts at me in the street because apparently according to her the dish is banned in France. The reason this has come about is she wishes to use a shared chimney to heat the house and has contacted her assurance because the chimney needs repairing. She has no access to the chimney from the inside and on climbing a ladder on top of two pallets and rotating your head through 360 degrees you can almost catch a glimpse of the dish before plummeting earthbound. She agrees the dish is on my wall but because the chimney serves both her and my house claims it must be removed because it is on her chimney. For some clarity I should mention that there is a chimney breast above my wall but the dish is not on this. After reassuring myself it wasn't April 1st I realised she was actually serious. Now to the point, I know it's a real long shot but has anyone EVER come across anything like this or in general does anyone know which authority could be contacted to resolve this? i would never normally post something like this but apart from the amusement aspect another question raises it head, what is the rational behind someone who complains about something that she had no knowledge of for 9 years and cannot see without the aide of a high wire. looking forward to comments.   many thanks Dave  

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HiI am desperately trying to enhance the soil in my heavy clay 'garrigue' garden, have resorted to raised beds/tubs for most planting. If you know of any sources of good topsoil or horse/chicken manure for sale at a reasonable price let me know. I am in the Corbieres , but have a large van and will go a long way for the sake of my garden!thanksChris

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My wife and I are due to spend the whole next week in or near Narbonne looking for an appartment as close to the city centre as possible.  We're not entirely new to the French property market, having owned a flat in Nice up until about three years ago.  When we were last in Narbonne in December, we visited a number of estate agents on our final day and asked them to email us details of any flats that might meet our criteria.  None of them sent us anything.  A general enquiry on 'Les Cles du Midi' brought one reply with along with a number of adverts, but when I asked where the properties were (even just a specific area - I appreciate they don't give out addresses), the answer was a polite refusal.   Does anyone have any idea how to communicate with the maximum number of agents without having to contact each of them directly?  At a fee of 6%, I'd have expected them to be falling over themselves, but I'm getting nowhere and there's not much time left.  At this rate, it looks like we'll trudging the streets next week and pressing our noses on all the windows we can find..  

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Could anyone recommend this company ?   Many Thanks

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We need to arrange for our septic tank to be emptied. The quotes seem to vary enourmously. What is a reasonable price?

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hi folks, moving soon to Olargues/Riols area and want to set up a good tele communications package Currently using SFR in Pezenas and not impressed ,any info appreciated. Ron 

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Hi We are looking to ensure our bathroom and kitchen are completely dry for the winter, when the house is locked up.  Could anyone recommend where we could buy a reasonable good and reasonably priced dehumidifier locally  - we are south of Perpignan.

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We purchased our Maison de Village on 13th May, and almost immediately discovered extensive and live termites infesting the kitchen floor and one beam.  We were devastated, as you can imagine.  There is also old evidence of damage to one window lintel and the front door frame, on closer inspection, but this does not appear to be live.  Does anyone have any experience of termites in beams, and know how much damage can be done before a beam becomes structurally unsafe?  The beam is a huge thing - more than five metres long and at least 20 x 20 cm, and there is surface damage along two sides for about a metre and a half, but under this the beam feels fairly sound.  It had been plastered over but a second surveyor, employed by us, noticed tell tale signs straight away in this beam and pointed out where to remove the plaster.  The beam won't be easy to replace in a village house with neighbours on either side The survey done before purchase indicated that the house was free of termites, and to be fair, the original company have met us, admitted they made a mistake and are paying for treatment BUT they are saying they will not pay for structural damage as it has been there a long time.   We are having a further meeting on Tuesday.  We understand that any removed timber has to be burnt 'on site' - again difficult in a village house with no garden and no open fire!  This will leave us without a kitchen floor and with a dodgy beam! If anyone in the Languedoc area has gone through a similar experience I'd be only too happy to hear from them, to know how they went on, and if they have any tips to offer in our circumstances.  We'd be grateful to hear from anyone with any suggestions, help, or even 'Absolutely don't do x or y or whatever...................' 

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Hi anyone help us to get a water meter put in. Bought property with water supply in cave belonging to appt upstairs. Have no access but paying the bill. Just need to get our own supply and pay so they can cut off the other owners then not my problem. Any property management people willing to help , happy to pay. Odette

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Hi - any advice on the following problem much appreciated... We have an old terraced village house (built 1800s). There's damp along the length of one wall, reaching up to about 3 feet high in places. The paint and plaster is flaking off, it looks awful and I have to remove mould periodically. However, it's structural damage I'm more worried about. Could the wooden beams at floor level and stonework be damaged? There's a cave underneath (could this be the root of the problem?) but the entrance has been bricked up by previous owners. One company said they would inject the wall with a chemical - but it's expensive and I've read that this can create greater problems elsewhere, as the water has to go somewhere...  Other people have told me just to cover the wall up with water-resistant plaster board... Another person said to re-plaster with a more damp-resistant type of plaster and then paint over with a darker colour up to waist height - basically just make it look nice and live with it.   I'm not sure what the best course of action is. Should I get a surveyor to take a look? All advice hugely appreciated! p

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Hi  -   a friend who lives in Nébias needs several very tall pine trees cutting back to a sensible height  -   can anyone recommend a tree surgeon / gardener.    I think I have seen 2 people on here -   one possibly called Jim Masters      thanks  Carol x    

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Can anyone recommend a good electrian in or near Pezenas? Our induction stove top has stopped working properly so need to either replace or fix. English speaking would be nice but not totally necessary. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Rick

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We are a bunch of gardeners, some with more experience and knowlege than others  but we are all keen and friendly.  We are looking for members who live further south than most of us, for advice, growing tips etc, please feel free to join and grow the site (pun intended :) )- thank you https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/

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They are here again, the procession caterpillars. Now, in the month of October, is the best time to exterminate them, as they are in their first stade of their lives.  Not only is the pine processionary destructive for your pines, they are also potentially dangerous for humans.    I propose the most efficient biological treatment on the market and offer attractive group prizes.  ( Carcassonne +-  30km) Contact  Frank           mob; 0675125337

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Wanting to connect up to the mains Gas. It's not been used in 5 years however the original gas meter has been capped and removed ! Is this normal in France ? I'm presumming a new meter is fitted at no charge if reconnecting ? Mains gas (gaz de ville) supplied by GrDF or GDF are these the only suppliers ?  Can anyone recommend a competive surplier ? What charges are involved in being connected ? Are you tied into a contract ? Any help would be appreciated

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Does anyone know where you can buy a thick damproof membrane which will go down before tiles are laid on a terrace?   We've seen the sort of thing which we want, being used by a local builder.  It comes in a roll and is stuck down, with a surface on one side that cushions the tiles, and has a sort of grid which holds the adhesive on the side to be tiled, but can't find what it's called, or where to buy it.  We didn't get the builder's name so can't ask what it was he was using. We may have to do something urgently ourselves as we can't get a builder to do the work before it's likely to start raining again, and the water is pouring in through the terrace after we removed the old tiles, even with a tarpaulin laid and stuck down. Thanks.   Val

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I have recently bought a property in the Carcassonne area and am looking to have the downstairs floor tiled with natural limestone (cream colour). Does anyone know where I can buy this product?  I checked Castorama and the prices are double what I would expect to pay in this area. Anyone have any ideas where I can try? Thanks

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I am trying to locate s shop in Roussillon that sells homewares and quilts.  I dont know the name of the shop, but it was reached by turning left from the sreet where we walked in to the town. The shop was located in the next street.  The front  room of the shop sold homewares, and the quilts were in the second room.  There appeared to be a whole family running the shop.  If anyone can help, I need an email contact for this shop.  I would be most grateful if anyone can help me.  Thanks

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We sold our house in the northern Languedoc area (near Bagnols-sur-Ceze) and have several items to give away. Can anyone recommend a charity that would be willing to come and collect a van load of stuff from our friend's barn? We will be in the area from next Monday 14th to Friday 18th September.

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