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Does anyone know of a reliable company in the Quillan area that offers woodworm treatment?

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We are thinking of putting a hot tub on our terrace, above the garage and need to know if it is strong enough to take the weight. Does anyone know who we should get in contact with. Is there such a thing as a building inspector or a structural surveyor, or anyone at the marie's office; Thanks for your help Stefan

started by: weaver23-10037432 · last update: 1440785061 · posted: 1440785061

Wanted: horse manure! - does anyone in the saint pons or olonzac area have any spare horse manure? - i can collect - thanks  

started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1440617925 · posted: 1440617925

Any gardeners out there, amateur and experienced, you may be interested in this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/

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Can anyone recoomend a good decorator to paint the outside of our house, a bit more tricky than usual as the lounge overhangs the river, may need scaffold or hang upside down out of windows. at

started by: ARNJAY-818481 · last update: 1440455696 · posted: 1416139077

Hi.   We are looking for a person or persons to look after our holiday let changeovers in St.Pierre la Mer, (next to Narbonne Plage.) for 2015.This would involve making sure our villa is ready for new guests and meeting and greeting them when they arrive and handing over the keys.   Also to do end-of-stay cleaning. If interested please reply to this posting.  

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I am looking for someone to recover two bottom cushions and two back cushions of two arm chairs as seen in photo. Can anybody help? Thank you Chris Rhodes.

started by: Stickd · last update: 1440414209 · posted: 1439635505

Hi, can anyone advise me what I should to pay for an electrician, carpenter and painter here. Either hourly or per day.

started by: persian-490647 · last update: 1440067090 · posted: 1439629072

We are looking for someone to fit a chimney in our roof for a woodburner. 

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Does anyone know if there is a market for Vintage Retro G-Plan Furniture in the Languedoc area .          We have an extendable dining room table with 6 chairs and sideboard plus other items of G-Plan which we would like to sell due to relocating in the next 3 months or so.

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Is anyone able to receommend a locksmith in Quillan, please?

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We are a professional couple looking for a long term rent in or near Ceret.  Ideally we'd like unfurnished but happy to consider furnished as well.  We need a minimum of two bedrooms and some outside space - although just a decent balcony woud be fine.

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Hi, looking for recommendations of builders in the Castelnaudary area. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know the cost of having a mobile home taken away for breaking in the Perpignan/Ceret area or know of anyone who offers this service?

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Hi all, Trying to sell our house and gite privately. Does anyone have any advice on which are the best websites to use? any good free ones out there? Thanks

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I found an article on network-news.com, July 2015 Property, which was interesting for 2 reasons. Firstly it was written about me and secondly the information was incorrect. It mentions that 'I knew better', in fact we were requesting information from the Estate agent, which was not given until weeks after it was requested, instead we were repeatedly told sign or you will lose the house. It was only then that we asked a friend a French National for help and it was she that told us we needed to use 2 Notaires. The stress was caused by his continual use of the phrase 'We will agree to disagree', if you can stay calm faced with that, you are a saint. We haven't admitted we are wrong and changed to one notaire, we are still using two and we are not receiving huge bills. He claims that we gave them 'ammunition to start writing, calling and querying', oh how we wish this was true. The real problem is, from what we have been told by our French friend, is there are no surviving relatives, so there is no-one pushing the sale forward. Would the results have been different if we had only used one notaire, probably not? What is important is the purchaser has a right to choose to use an additional notaire and the estate agent should not try to influence their decision and why they would choose to write a falsified account of it is most un-professional.  If we were buying again in France, would we use one or two notaires? I depends on the information supplied by the first notaire.

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Hello, Looking for recommendations for experienced builders/roofers to retile a large roof - timberwork mostly ok.  It's in the Prades 66 area. It's a pretty large ( and high) roof. I have tried some of the builders in the directory. Either it was too far away or they never replied. Please PM me with any recommendations.  Thanks Patrick

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Having trouble finding the right tiles and someone to lay them ... outdoor flat and step tiles mostly ... does anyone know of a tiler/buider in the Ceret area who might be able to fix our problems? Someone who will actually turn up rather than disappear into the ether would be good (electrician/plumber/painter etc) ... ask me how I know! - Help would be much appreciated.

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We need help with design and building of a Japanese style garden in Pezenas. Can you recommend someone to help with this project?

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Hi can anyone advise where I could buy a retractable shade awning for our Terrace? Bit like the ones at the cafes and outside the shops. We would then need a decent available builder to fit it up for us. We live near Pezenas so around here would be good. Any suggestions helpful. 

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