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Hi there ! Moving to Bedford for 3 months to help out in a church, doing some voluntary work with the homeless in a night shelter, we are looking for a house to RENT or a house exchange. DAtes would be from end of august, 22 for example to the 22nd of november ... We live in Magalas, house with a pool, 4 bedrooms, heating by wood burner in very quiet et lovely close..  We would need at least 2 bedrooms in Bedford, 3 bedrooms being ideal. Any idea or contacts ?! Would be VERY grateful ! THAnks a lot !

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Can anyone recommend a carpet cleaner.  I have a chinese rug 3.6 m x 2.7 m  (12ft x 9ft) which I have had for over 30 years and was very expensive when purchased all those years ago.  It has been professionally cleaned in the UK several times but since being in France has only been done once in the last 11 years with a borrowed steam cleaner which really only lifted surface dirt.  It is now in need of a good deep clean by someone who knows what they are doing but wont charge me the earth! Thanks.

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I am looking to buy a small white upright piano (not digital).  I live 10 minutes from Beziers but have a car so can also travel to places (hopefully not Montpellier though, as I always get lost). Does anyone know of shops which have a good selection please?  Thank you.  Patti

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Hello Can anyone please advise where we can buy some top soil near to Limoux We have our own trailer so okay to collect many thx in advance

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hi my name is Noel i have a big problem my water bill has gone sky high 428 units used in 22months last time over in France i checked 7units used in last 10 weeks nov08 to end jan09 so no problem there so i think my water problem is to do with pool outside which is used may to sept can anyone out there help it cant be a water leek help help roisin

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I have had a quotation to connect to the mains drainage (Carcassonne area) which requires 15m of trench and making good work - total cost circa Euro4000. Does anybody have any prior recent experience of the costs of connecting to the main sewerage ssytem in the Carcassonne area?

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Hi, I want to build a shed on a piece of land well away from roads and other buildings.I want it to sit in, with my sandwiches and flask, and be a sad git!..I know it's got to be less than 20 sq metres and not made of blocks.So can anyone help with what I can make it of,stone?wood? straw bales?Tin roof?Also can anyone point me towards the rules as my neighbour was saying it needs to be open,ie no door or it is in another  section for planning.I've looked in the combined Angloinfo knowledge but to no avail,and I've asked the marie to accept my application.She very nicely tells me all the things I can't do,but for example doesn't say what about a very small caravan.

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Looking for a used, preferably Stihl, strimmer. Must be good working order and can pay cash. Thanks.

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Hi,     has anyone experience of painting over crepis type render, what type of paint is best and where to buy it, etc.?                              R.ff.M.

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Anyone know of a good tree surgeon in the Carcassonne area please? Some very large trees need chopping down. Thanks

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We're looking for a professional, reliable and honest person to cut back an overgrown orchard in the Minervois near the village of La Liviniere.  They'll need to have their own equipment/machinery.  The orchard is about 7000m2. We'd be very grateful if someone can anyone PM me a recommendation?   Regards

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Hi, Just planning a decking project and visited all the usual suspects where the quality and variety of decking is frankly appalling. Can anyone recommend please a quality supplier of softwood decking within an hour or so of Carcassonne. Many thanks in advance

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Hi, we are considering changing our energy from oil to mains gas and I was wondering if anyone has any advice regarding prices and how you go about getting connected? We live in Quillan. Thanks

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Hi -   my son has just started a 4 week work experience as part of his lycée course - with a french electrician in Esperaza -   and will be with him for second half of June /1st week July -    if anyone around the area is needing an electrician but has been putting it off due to struggling with their spoken french -    then during those weeks my son will be able to translate for you !!    Anyone who could do with abit of help can PM me     Carol x

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Hi all, does anyone have any recomendation for a sanitation company in Carcassonne our septic tank is full and we have no idea what to do.   A company name and maybe a contact person would be great. Thank you in advance.   

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Hi. We are coming out to our French house at Easter and will be needing to fit smoke alarms as per the new law. Does any one know if suitable/approved alarms can be purchased in the UK to save shopping after we arrive.  Many thanks Geoff

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my electricity has risen by 30% what can I do ,please advise someone

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We have an ongoing problem with our water bill, due to previous owners not doing work correctly.  Basically we have bought a property that was a laregr property split into 2 .  At this time the owners did not notify the water company.  When we arrived we discovered that the water meter was in the other proprty and supplied us, which they then turned off.  We have now got our own meter so they cannot do this again, but are receiving bills for the old address ( which doesn,t exist) and the upstairs owners receive no bill, and refuse to pay half ( an agreement they had with the previous owners). Any ideas how we sort this, have asked water co to come out several times but they don't turn up

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Hi, can anyone recommend a removal company to move goods from storage in Montpellier to Marseillan in mid April? Libbylou

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Has anyone had a pool liner changed in the Carcassonne area?We are looking for a recommendation as to who could complete this work for us in Feb / March of this year. It is a 13m x 5 water air pool.A leak needs to be located as well.Having had two quite diverging quotes by people that we don't know (recommended by a shop in Carcassonne) we were wondering if anyone on here could recommend someone who would like to give us a third quote.Thanks in advance.

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