Best way to get from Barcelone Airport - Figueras

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Hi Allwith the vast experience and knowledge out there can you help ?Whats the best option for travel from Barcelone airport to Figueras ? Cost , difficulty and reliability ?And is it advisable with 2 young kids or just too hard to really consider unless you are absolutely forced ?Any and all advice greatly appreciated Thank you

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You may wish to post this on the Cotsa Brava site: Which covers Figueres.

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thank you so much for the information - just so I understand fully Ive paraphrased below. If I have misunderstood anything could you let me know?
1. Arrival from Australia ( so I presume airport B)
2. Take a bus transfer to barcelona airport station ?
3. At the Barcelona airport train station: (train takes about 20 mins journey and leaves around every half hour.) Get off at Barcelona-Sants (3rd stop from the airport).
There's a few platforms at Barcelona Sants and not much in the way of information but there is usually only one platform in use (at far right hand side) and this train always goes through the Barcelona airports.
NB: buy your tickets all the way to Figueres from here ( meaning buy them at the airport or Barcelona Sants ?) .

The Figueres train leaves from exactly the same platform
NB: ( If you miss this one then you can get off at the next stop Paseig de Gracia.)
Q: what do I do at Paseig de Gracia , are there other trains from there ? - do I take the a figueres train from here ?

sorry as I've never done it and have spent the last two hours looking at various sights , I'm just trying to make sure Ive got it right.
thanks so much for your help

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It's no problem, I was very daunted the first time I thought about doing it.

As you are arriving from Australia I assume you will be arriving at the larger of the airports. Unless someone else knows different and advises differently I would head straight for the tourist info for them to point me in the right direction of the shuttle bus to take me to the train. As I understand it and remember, there is only one train station and this is at the airport that I usually arrive at. The one time that I took a shuttle bus between the two airports I vaguely remember this taking about 10 mins and I stood waiting at the bus stop for 5 mins so they shuttle regularly.

No I meant there are a few platforms at the Barcelona airport train station, I might be making this sound confusing, just follow the crowds, the only platform that seems to run is on far left.

The platform at Barcelona Sants has good clear information both with overhead screens and timetables on platform.

I meant to buy your full ticket at the Barcelona airport train station - this way you have no need at all to leave the platform you alight on and can hop straight onto your Figueres train if its arrival is imminent.

I meant that if you miss the Sants stop then it's no disaster because you can also catch a Figueres train at the Passeig de Gracia. Passeig de Gracia station I am not so familiar with. It's also a mainline station and you can certainly get a train to Figueres but I do not know whether it is involves staying on the same platform as it does from Sants. At the worst you will just have to come out of that platform into the mainline station and find out where to go. I am positive that all ticket desk operators will have enough English to help you with this.

I hope this help.


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