Help make France a Cat-Friendly country

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Most stray cat associations and refuges in France are fully occupied helping to alleviate feline suffering. I wonder if you could help us, here in Poitou Charente, by supporting our petition asking for approval by Local Government of Trap-Neuter-Release as the only means of humanely reducing stray cat numbers. If just one Department in France, out of 95, adopts TNR, then a door will be open to the rest of France. Our petition is entitled 'HELP FRANCE BECOME A CAT-FRIENDLY COUNTRY' which we will present to Madame President of the Conseil General of Charente Maritime - Department 17 - France. You can click on the link to our website - - and sign the petition there or you can go direct to the petition by clicking on - You will doing a great service for stray cats in France - thank you.

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Kenya97 1303039142

Hi Brucelanguedoc

How did you get on with this?

brucelanguedoc 1303112718

Hello Kenya97,

So far I've received a little over 3,500 signatures but they are spread across several petition sites. I shall attempt to firm up on the petition with the most French signatures until I have about 5,000 at which time I shall submit it to the Department.

I also intend to contact all Maires in the Charente Maritime (I have their email addresses) explaining that there is a viable alternative to extermination - trap/neuter/release.

I'm not going to rush it - best to think it through carefully. Then the rest I can only leave to fate!

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