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I dont want to say this,I realy dont,no no no no,ouch,well here goes. well done england on a very good performance.That was some very enjoyable running rugby played with great running lines and depth. keep going like that and the slam may be yours. ouch ouch ouch Italy unfortunately shrunk away from last weeks strong performance and were their old selves again,and would of come 2nd against even scotland!!! scotland,well what can be said about that performance. Your 2nd full back(number 22) played superbly,and thats all the positive I can find. wales made a lot of progress from last week,but still played a very scrappy game,and only got such a point margin because of scotlands amout of errors,however I thought that our front row gelled very well this time and lydiate and warburton played superbly,and in general we had a very good blitz defence. I am very happy with the win ,and we did deserve it,although not a great glory all the same. ireland verses france later today,will be interesting to see what preperations have been made for that match. And I cant imagine that france will make such a margin that they will make them overtake england in the table. Gollum,sorry stringer will be playing today at scrum half(number 9) and on form can be quite capable of controlling the game to irelands advantage,but shame that tommy bowe cant play as yet. I would like france to win by a good margin,just so wales can stay in third place,tactical voting. I hope that you are all enjoying the tournement. love and light Jamie

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Just watched France and Ireland. Not the France we know ..... and love???? But Ireland gave them the match. Cant wait for Eng v France. We live in a samll village as the only ENGLISH so its tense to say the least. ENJOY. M and M

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What a strange match indeed that was. ireland seemed to give it everything that they didnt do last week,and played with heart but their dicipline let them down. Whereas france just ticked along in second gear and played a very average game,but with confidence. That was a very bad french performance,but sufficient for them to win the match.

what is worrying there(especially from an england perspective),is that france didnt realy seem to have to try too hard,but seemed to know that they were going to walk away with the win.I must give credit to thierry dusatoir though,as he played a marvelous game.

Ireland must be very disapointed though,as they gave it everything and couldnt take advantage of a french side just bimbling along on tick over.

I look forward very much to the france-england game as this will be the one that opens up the tournement and will only leave one contender for the grandslam,and to be honest I do not who I would put my money on at this moment,but think that I would edge towards the english camp.(please dont tell anyone that I said that)

I hope that you have all enjoyed this weekends rugby. me personally,I dont think that it has boasted the best rugby,and only england have put in a performance worth phoning home about.However progress has been made in all camps except italy's and scotlands,and the frech effort is debateable.

catch you all in a fortnights time.

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