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Hi , are there any fans out there ? I'd like to know the name of the episode in which George and Jack do their song and dance routine , Jimmy Durante skit . I'm looking out for it on tele to record it . Thanks

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Was it the visiting fireman in series 3 ?

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Great minds think alike ! I thought that , it was on last night , there was I waiting for that part but NOOOO . There was a reference to Jummy Durante at the end of the episode so I assume it is an earlier one

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I have a hugh box of the entire series here .. if you can give me more of the plot I could try and work out which one it is and watch any it might be for you ....

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or I can give you a list of the names see if any rings a bell ?

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Ok Im watching the visitng fire man and it is on there ...but sadley you need the uncut version to see the skit ..I have just read the back ...

Just watched it was good ;)

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Hey thank-you . AHHHHH , I did wonder if it had been cut , I knew it was in the Turkish club . That's a nuisance , I'm trying to get a dvd together of certain episodes of programmes from the past , memories you know .

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