Was this the last dance?

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Oh woe. Last evening saw the last episode of Last Tango in Halifax. I have watched every one of all 3 series and loved it all  Perhaps this last series was a litlle contrived but extremely well written and acted all the same. Hope we get more perhaps early next year? Being a Yorkshireite I enjoyed my fix of  moors, millstone grit  and eh by hecks. I know that the locations weren't always where they were supposed to be but the backdrop was authentic.  I wouldn't go back there but always  good to re-fuel memories. Thank you BBC for an excellent production

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Melou 1422905201

Totally agree, perrypaws - before we retired to France 12 years ago, we were both very involved in theatre for the previous 25 years - not the same as TV, of course, but 'Last Tango' had the three most essential elements for all 'drama' - an amazingly well cast show, with top actors - brilliantly defined characters for the actors to work with - and a superb screenplay (ie script).

For those who have a recording, forget the whole, and just take in each individual scene - she writes with such an amazing ear and eye, every one is almost a complete play in itself . . . . top class in every respect (although unfortunately the final episode let the series down, plot-wise) 

perrypaws 1422910843

Yes it was the last episode i was really talking about when I said contrived, almost as though she was trying to tie the ends up and getting in a going nowhere tangle, but her previous twists and turns were unexpected which is why it was so good. If there are not any awards for this then I will start to watch Eastenders!

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