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Does anyone have any experience of shipping from California to France - I have two crates 46"x50"x72" each. One will weigh around 375lbs, the other around 260lbs. All feedback appreciated. Many thanks.

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I dont want to say this,I realy dont,no no no no,ouch,well here goes. well done england on a very good performance.That was some very enjoyable running rugby played with great running lines and depth. keep going like that and the slam may be yours. ouch ouch ouch Italy unfortunately shrunk away from last weeks strong performance and were their old selves again,and would of come 2nd against even scotland!!! scotland,well what can be said about that performance. Your 2nd full back(number 22) played superbly,and thats all the positive I can find. wales made a lot of progress from last week,but still played a very scrappy game,and only got such a point margin because of scotlands amout of errors,however I thought that our front row gelled very well this time and lydiate and warburton played superbly,and in general we had a very good blitz defence. I am very happy with the win ,and we did deserve it,although not a great glory all the same. ireland verses france later today,will be interesting to see what preperations have been made for that match. And I cant imagine that france will make such a margin that they will make them overtake england in the table. Gollum,sorry stringer will be playing today at scrum half(number 9) and on form can be quite capable of controlling the game to irelands advantage,but shame that tommy bowe cant play as yet. I would like france to win by a good margin,just so wales can stay in third place,tactical voting. I hope that you are all enjoying the tournement. love and light Jamie

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Has any one been to Fez , would you recommend staying in the Old or New City, thanks

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If you were born between 6 April 1953 and 5 April 1960 the UK government's recently published proposals to increase the State Pension age for us AGAIN, will affect you. It will mean for me, that having accepted, (reluctantly) that I will receive my State Pension at age 63 and made plans accordingly, it will, if this legislation is passed, be changed again so that I will receive it at age 65. You can check out your predicted proposed pension age here, http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/SpendingReview/DG_192159 You will need to act fast, and register your protest if we wish to STOP this being approved by Parliament. Iain Duncan Smith is the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and can be emailed here, ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

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Please take a look, this is a dedicated pet rescue forum where you can place postings for those animals in need. http://www.survivefrance.com/group/petrescue

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I know this is a stupid question but I am intrigued why there were so many Belgians traveling South to Paris yesterday morning, there were hundreds. Maybe a sporting event but can't figure out what. Any info gratefully received !!

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Dear all....I read here that the clocks go back one hour as of last night/today...ie: 30/31st of October. This has not taken place yet and but's almost midday 11.58 to be precise! When exctly does this take place today....as it could mess up arrangements I have made. Thankyou!.

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We are fitting a new bathroom. I have been told that sanitary ware is much cheaper in Spain. Can anyone suggest where I should go?? I thought that maybe Figueres. Many thanks. Vyvyan

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I left the UK at 18 and moved to Spain, after eight years I moved to France, and seven years later I find myself in Italy! I'm just a bit of an aimless nomad, but I'm always curious to hear other peoples' stories.So, how did you end up in the Languedoc?! What are your likes and dislikes about your ex-pat life?StatusViatoris

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Hi all, Looking for advice on accommodation in Toulouse on Saturday 1st May, Heinken Semi-Final. Thanks Ivan

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Hi , are there any fans out there ? I'd like to know the name of the episode in which George and Jack do their song and dance routine , Jimmy Durante skit . I'm looking out for it on tele to record it . Thanks

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Does anyone know of a B & B or hotel near Girona Airport which gives free parking and transport to the airport??

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I wonder where this expression came from?

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Where is the cheapest parking facility near Barcelona airport. Need to park for 4 weeks!

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Has anyone else in here read this book recently?I was quite surprised when I read it. I found a large quantity of it to be quite offensive.I'm sure that I'm not the only English speaking person in France to be of the opinion that the character of Man Friday portrayed in the book could be taken as offensive to a wide variety of people in modern times.(",)

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I have said to myself that I must stop looking at the UK papers , but no , glancing through one to-day I came across the article about the above and wondered why oh why have people left cuddly toys when there are no children to play with them ?? What is the poor mother to do with them ?? Why has this culture started up with flowers and things being left when it could so easily be upsetting . I know it seems like a kind thing to do but teddies ....surely it is a reminder of what has happened right on the doorstep .... Will I ever find it !

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I would like to know if any fans of the above can help me with the song that was played at the end of this weeks Love Soup ( Sunday night ), I saw no credit for it .... Also , what happens about the Niles and Daphne situation in Frasier .... I have seen nearly all the episodes but not the last few .... Thanks Will I ever find it !

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Yes, I know that this is a bit trivial and frivolous for The Great Debate but I am having a rough day at work! Best fillings for Pancake Day? Lemon and sugar.

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This is purely unscientific and was prompted by my discussion with a local estate agent. We wondered "What are foreign property buyers looking for?"I decided to carry out a survey at my local market - so listening out for English/German/Dutch voices - I approached various house hunters - here in (more or less) order of importance (most important first) are my results. They form a rather neat Top 10.1. Rural setting yet, walking distance to a "lively" village (privacy was important but nobody I spoke to wished to be "isolated") - and not one of those dead, all-the-shutters-shut-never-see-a-living-soul type places so common in the French countryside.2. Short drive to a market town. i.e. 5-10 minutes. This to have all amenities: schools, supermarkets, other shops, hospitals, sports, restaurants, theatre, cinema etc3. Within an hour of an international airport (two airports if possible, and ideally airports served by more than one low cost airline...don't want all eggs in one low-cost basket!)4. Fully renovated or nearly renovated "Character property" - generally this meant: older properties, stone-work, original beams, fireplaces, prettiness, quirky nooks and crannies, perhaps a reminder of its history...waterwheel, old bread-oven/forge etc. Foreign buyers are more stoic about DIY than the natives.5. 3 bedrooms was the consensus "best number". With 2-4 being the range. Generous living rooms - high ceilings, good proportions and plenty of windows/light. 6. At least 2 bath/shower rooms (and 2 lavatories). Bigger the house, the more required.7. Some land. Around half an acre seems about right for most (though some want significantly more). The word "manageable" came up a fair bit. Outside dining areas and terraces were also desired.8. Some water. River, pond, lake, swimming pool, sea-side etc9. "Frenchness" - there was a desire to be in an area with a low concentration of "Brits", to be able to experience real French life...yet to have access to a support network if needed. These were NOT little Englanders (or Little Munichers or Amsterdammers etc)10. Access to attractions/communications: Things like ski resorts, coast, cities (with their culture and bright-lights), mountains, wine chateaux, lakes etc all "day-tripable". Didn't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, no matter how charming it is. "Broadband" i.e. ADSL, was also mentioned as importantIs that you? What would you add?Have a great day,Ianrenovated water mill for salewww.south-west-france-property.com

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You are stranded on a desert island with 5 luxury items. Assuming you already have sufficient food and water on the island, what would you choose?

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