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....except me; offered without opinion (well, until someone expresses a different one anyway..;-) French Parenting and the "The Violence of Giving Love" Whoa! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/main.jhtml?xml=/portal/2007/06/15/nosplit/ftmaman115.xml

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Can anyone tell me where my nephew can get work picking grapes in the Languedoc

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... (",)

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As I am sure you have heard, Madeline McCann went missing in Portugal well over a week ago and I am trying to do my bit to help. As a member of Anglo Info in Brittany, I am trying to use this forum and its helpful members to spread the word of her disappearance. Please could as many Anglo Info members in the Languedoc, download the "Help Find Madeleine" poster and put it up where possible in windows, in shops or wherever it could be seen. Hopefully, somebody will see it and provide information which will lead to her safe return. The link below takes you to the poster - http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007210886,00.html There are more recent posters also available on The Suns website and at www.sky.com/news Additionally, please forward on this link to as many people as possible so that we can help bring home this little girl safe & sound. Thanks for your help Duncan

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The USD has dropped to its lowest exchange rate since Sept 1992.The interbank rates today are :Euro 1=USD 1.355GBP 1 =USD 1.987Based on past experience, the USD will not recover until after the next presidential election (doesn't matter who wins, it is a question of reducing uncertainty).There are several ways to benefit from this :1)US property - already suffering dropping prices so bargains to be had. And an even better deal with a weak dollar2)Buy USD's and put them in a USD deposit account. 3)Holiday in US ?4)Buy software, CD's, DVD's, web hosting, domain names etc from US. It is even worth checking Amazon for book prices. The lower US price, and the weak dollar makes some purchases cheaper from Amazon.com than Amazon.co.ukAs an example of past experience of volatility :1983 GBP 1=USD 1.051992 GBP 1=USD 2.012001 GBP 1=USD 1.372007 GBP 1=USD 1.99 Peter

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In writing of his wanderings, Baudelaire described his travels as fuelled by 'Great Maladie: Horrors of One's Home'. Whilst the vibrancy, energy and humour found within cities in the UK and the Rep of Ireland are not often equalled in France, the fact that I have only spent 2 out of the past 7 years in my homeland prompts reflection. I maintain that, for me, it is the pull of all that the wider world has to offer rather than the push of a country I am growing to like less that makes me move. However, with an increasing number of native Britons choosing to set up home elsewhere, is Baudelaire's conception now a modern phenomenom in Blighty? A vous repondre...

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What do we think about violence in films? recently i have seen three films which i thought were unecessarily violent! i was disturbed, turned away and didn't watch certain parts of the film as I felt as though they were "too much" - however with all three films for days after i found myself going over the most violent scenes again in my mind! The films in question are Kill Bill, Sin City and Munich. I am not a violent person and i do not enjoy violence in films, music or real life - so why did this affect me so? When I watched Kill Bill there were so many decapitations and mutilations of limbs that by the final scene they had to find something even more horrible to kill off the main "baddy," as the viewer had become desensitised to mere decapitations! This is awful. it's easy to see how we are now becoming desensitised to violence in the real world! what does everyone else think? 

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There's an old saying that "..the Chinese taught the Italians and the Italians taught the French how to cook". Yet even down here in the Languedoc/Cote d'Azur Spanish and Italian food-items are sold as "etranger" in the supermarkets. These Forums contain a post asking for lunchtime ideas and it reminded me of how many of France's once-great dishes are now reduced to meal-for1 trays, or microwavable specials. Yes, they may have invented some of these dishes but the closest most families get to a good bechemel suace is from a Knorr pack. Isn't it time they took a(nother) leaf from the Anglo-Book and embraced a wider cuisine?

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All U.S. citizens are entitled to vote in the Nov. 7th midterm elections.The stakes are enormous--the entire House of Representatives is up forelection as well as a third of the Senate.It looks likely that the Democrats may regain control of the House andpossibly also the Senate.Even if you haven't voted in 20 years, you are entitled to vote.Even if you have no intention of returning to the U.S. to live, youare entitled to vote.Even if you have no property or assets in the U.S., you are entitled to vote.Don't delay another day: Go to http://www.VoteFromAbroad.org to getregistered. (It is recommended all U.S. citizens re-register to vote everyyear.) You CANNOT vote unless you have registered first.Some states allow you to register right up to election day.Others have cut-off dates.If you have registered to vote but have not yet received your ballot, usethe FWAB--Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot. You can get this on<http://www.VoteFromAbroad.org> too.Once on that website, go through the process of filling out the registration (even if you have already done this) and when you print out the download, you'll automatically receive a properly filled-out FWAB, along with the address to where you mail it (use international recommandé post--whichcosts 4.90 euros--but do not ask for a return receipt or signature, as thatmight cause delays).You still have too VOTE the "write-in" ballot; it will not have candidates on it.If you don't know the names of your preferred candidates, you can justwrite-in "Democrat" for Senator and Representative. You can find out your Congressional district via <http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/>. Enter your zip code and it will tell you who your current senators and representatives are--and the number of your congressional district.To double check or find your zip code, go to <http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp>.Sign and date the FWAB and send it in (read carefully the instructions about putting the ballot into a blank envelope, then putting THAT envelope into another, which you address as instructed....). If you make any extraneous marks on your ballot or the envelope, your vote may not be counted.Should you receive your normal ballot in the post after you send in your FWAB, go ahead and vote the normal ballot too. This is not considered tryingto vote twice. Your election board will sort it out on their end.This is a crucial election.Let your voice be heard.Democracy--use it or lose it!Feel free to phone me if you need further information.Meredith WheelerChair, Southwest ChapterDemocrats Abroad France05 63 59 11 32

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or is france effectively closed in august? I have called a plumber, a shutter fixer (not sure of the word for this!), and my banker (incidently the only person allowed to deal with my account) and they are all on holiday! A friend said that we would never achieve anything in august, but how can a country justify closing down for an entire month? My husband who works in sales has been even more frustrated than I have with the lack of business at the moment! what is going on? thanks!

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I read a recent market review suggesting double-digit growth in the L-R this year. Given that Brits are saddled with mega-debts, the German's with recession and local French with regional poverty, the Dutch are all escaping to Australia and the Scandinavians couldn't care-less where are all the funds coming from to fuel the forecast rise rise? So, 15-20% or Burst-Bubble?

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Last time it was Brazil, several of my mates believe it will be this time, but my money's on germany! they're technically very tight and with bierhoff and the stern and kilnsmen involved now - i think the germans will have it in the bag!

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We all know that the USA has this Digital Millennium doo-hicky law thing to stop folk copying copyright stuff, right. Well the EU decided this was a pretty chippy idea and member states have now started putting this into law. I only know this because it cropped up as a story that says apple will pull out france (2% on annual sales; who cares) rather than open up the itunes drm.Of course we all know apple's irrelevant (and we can all use limewire instead) - it's microsoft's mediaplayer drm and the threat of encrytped blueray/broadband hdtv distribution that is the real battleground.so rather as google is taking on the publishers of the world and digitising all the great works, frances national assembly wants to ensure that culture is separated from commerce and kept "open-source".the question; mad, corporation hating French, or far-sighted cultural visionaries that understand the real risks of the digital age?your call.

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