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Hi, I'm looking for a dog walker to help my partner whilst I'm away working for November. We're close to Bedarieux and have two large dogs who need daily walking. Any offers or pointers would be gratefully received.

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Cattery or cat carer needed near CarcassonneHi I have to go to Ireland for a few days each month and I'm looking for someone to look after my 18 year old cat in their own home with food privided , she sleeps mostly , very easy going. Preferably no other cats or dogs , can Anyone help ?happy to pay. Also does anyone know where there is a cattery or cat kennels near or around Carcassonne? Thank you for any replies 

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Hello, I'm looking for a carer for my fox terrier , 7 years male, well behaved, for the period 8 mars - 12 april, 2017.around Carcassonne, Toulouse, Limoux, Narbonne.I live in Carcassonne.or if you know someone or somewhere.kind regards,Viveka in Carcassonne

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We have been adopted by a cat whose owner has left her behind. I am allergic and am looking for a new home - I don't want her to be put down. She is an outdoor cat. Can anyone help, please?

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Hello, we have a small rescue dog called Doug, he is a french spaniel. We have to go home to Australia for 3 weeks and would like to have somebody look after him, (near Roussillon)  as we do not want to send him to a kennel. We will pay somebody, but he needs to sleep inside and loves to chase the ball every day. Is anybody close by that would like t look after him, or maybe you know of somebody. 

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Hello all I have 53 BARF food portions (400g each, beef and chicken mince) for sale, at € 1,20 each or € 50 the lot). I live between Narbonne and Béziers. Please mail if interested. Thanks

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We have two small dogs - one mainly Yorkie and one a Shih Tzu - and both have longish fur. This summer seems to have been worse than normal for them collecting small spikey burrs (like seeds or something) which clump together in their fur. I guess this has been worse because of the dry weather but it is a nightly task to clear them both.Generally we just patiently part the hair and ease them out with a bit of scissor cutting for the worst ones. Fortunately they are both fairly patient but it does take a long time - any bright ideas for alternative methods (short of just shaving them completely!)?

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The driver is a causcasian women in her late 30's to early 40's.  She was in Cessenon sur Orb in Herault on the 5 Sept.  She was driving an old white (possibly 2007ish) Renault Masters van with internal bars and a sliding side door. The rear number plate was yellow.Her six dogs attacked my husband and seriously wounded our small dog.They weren't muzzled or on leads and escaped from the unsecured.It has been reported to the Gendarmes.These are Class 1 Attack dogs and are dangerous.If you have any information we would be very grateful if you could phone on Ph: 0980399433

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Does anyone know if there are any kennels near aqualand at cap d'agde that take dogs for the day?

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We want to visit aqualand, cap d'agde but we have a dog. Does anyone know of any good nearby day kennels for dogs?Y bishop

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We are looking for a cattery in 66.  We live at Vernet but are prepared to travel to find something decent.  If anyone know of somewhere we would be grateful.  I have called our Vet but they have nothing on their books for cats.  Many thanks

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Hello, can anyone help please? We are visiting the Durban Corbierres area and wondered if anyone knew of an English speaking Vet please. Please inbox me with any info please? If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of veterinarians must not be posted publicly in the Discussions. Forums Admin

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I'm looking for a cattle market in the area...To buy chickens, ducks etc.. Regards Ruy

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Can anyone recommend a good dog groomer in the area Carcassonne to Narbonne.

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Anyone welcome whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or a beginner. Whether you have bees, don't or just want to learn. Whether you believe in a natural approach or a more human managed one.https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeeksinFrance/

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We move to Gaujac 30330, near Connaux in May, from Sri Lanka with our 3 cats. It would be nice to have prior knowledge of a good vet in the region. Can anyone recommend please.Contact Bob on bob.pyle@hotmail.comMany thanks.

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My husband and I are moving to Carcassonne, France in April. We have a two-pound Chihuahua, Kiara, who has seizures and will need to see a vet on a regular basis. We are looking for an English-speaking veterinarian in the area of Carcassonne, Narbonne, or Toulouse as we are not fluent enough to communicate Kiara's medical issues. I've noticed from other postings that it is not acceptable to post veterinary information to an open forum, but we would appreciate a private message with information regarding a vet who is fluent in English in one of these areas.

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Hi My cat isn't scared of anything, but my dog gets ealily spooked by noise and things unknown. I have never taken a dog with me on a flight, any recommendation for suitable medication would be greatly appreciated. He is too large and must go into the luggage hold. Thanks

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Hi All! I will be soon moving to the Languedoc Region and continuing a career with animals. I will be starting my own business as a Canine Beautitian (dog groomer) and to help me offer the best services it would be greatly appreciated if you could answer a quick question for me... Would you prefer a mobile groomer who comes into your home, makes your beloved dog look a million dollars, but uses your water and clips the dog in their own home? Or.. If I was to offer you a pick up and drop off service, (depending on the distance, for a small extra cost) or if you would prefer to drop the dog off at my location to avoid the extra cost, with a phone call when they are ready to show off their new coat! Thank you very much for your time and response! :) 

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Does anyone know of a good horse dentist in Aude, we are in Puivert, local to Quillan, Limoux, Lavelanet.  We desperately need a dentist to come out to our 3 horses. Thanks

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