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Hi! I really want to bring my dog and my rabbit across to my villa in montpellier for the summer season - do i have to start with vaccinations and registrations etc now? does anybody know where i could get more information on this from?   tinks

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Hi, it's been a while since we brought our cat over so I can't remember how long things took. But there is a whole load of info here:

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look at: for the latest up to date info if bringing back into the UK after.

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Go to your vet. Ours was brilliant when we brought our cats over - issues the passports, did all the injections. Actually very easy. Not sure about rabbits....Assume that there is a similar sort of scheme.

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hi tinkerbell,
check with your vet but i think you will find you can leave the uk very easy but then they cant return for six months unless they had their rabies jab and blood test 6/12 before;
i use a lady from BRT
i n the uk to do my paperwork for me;she does lama;horses etc for deffra


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Tink', Allison35 gave you the key pointer - defra's site is tip-top and has it all/Jules

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My dog is over here with us now, but unfortunatley my rabbit died before we were able to bring her. Very sad, but better for her not to suffer!


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