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Back in the UK I used to do a bird survey every year for the RSPB. I haven't noticed anything like it here but I did come across this: http://www.noeconservation.org/ It's a web site, in French, where you can do a butterfly survey. Good way to learn all the names in French.  

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Hi BM,  I participate in the bird survey in France for the Natural History Museum, Paris. It's much the same as in the UK, the RSPB do it for the Natural History Museum in London, here it's slightly different as there are different Ornithological associations in different departments, although the LPO covers a great number of them. I also do species recording, reptiles, amphibians and mammals for our department.

There's plenty to do and lots of associations doing it, I also have a website for Wildlife in France in English with lot's of links, unfortunately I can't post more on this site as it isn't allowed.

Bonne chance, Chris

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Does your web site have wild flowers on it?

Chris Luck-482342 1147898337

Sunflower,   No the site doesn't have wild flowers on it, but there are lots of links, and links always lead to more links, if you see what I mean.

Wild flowers, or native plants, would be far too much to cover, I've just received a list of 65 plants to "look for" and that is just the rarer ones in my region!!!! We do have a botanist at our departmental association however should you have a photo of something in particular that you wished to identify, you could e-mail it to me and I could check it out.


LPO - Working for birds & wildlife in France

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