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I am looking for a cattery within the Uzes area.  My cat is elderly   and shy!  I would prefer to have her stay at home with a carer but that is proving difficult, so a good cattery is the second option.Thank you

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Hi, there is a cattery at St-Genies-de-Malgoirès, not far from La Calmette called Mas de Peyras. My cat has been several times, the only thing is the cats go in together with others. They have three or four rooms with cat friendly furniture a cat flap to an outside area and music during the day. I didn't think my cat would get on okay but he did- they adapt. You can look at their website or go along for a visit. I know it's a bit of a distance but about half an hour from Uzès. Good luck. Sue G

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Thank you - I will check them out

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