Dog Grooming in the Langudoc!

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Hi All! I will be soon moving to the Languedoc Region and continuing a career with animals. I will be starting my own business as a Canine Beautitian (dog groomer) and to help me offer the best services it would be greatly appreciated if you could answer a quick question for me... Would you prefer a mobile groomer who comes into your home, makes your beloved dog look a million dollars, but uses your water and clips the dog in their own home? Or.. If I was to offer you a pick up and drop off service, (depending on the distance, for a small extra cost) or if you would prefer to drop the dog off at my location to avoid the extra cost, with a phone call when they are ready to show off their new coat! Thank you very much for your time and response! :) 

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LaFranglaise 1439807779

Very interested in this service but where will you be located ?

Sally1993 1439808716

Hi 'ola' and 'LaFranglaise'

'Ola' I would be more than happy to work with your nervous pooch As I have 4 years experience working with nervous animals in the UK, due to being trained and working within the RSPCA. 

'LaFranglaise', I will be based in the area of Saint Laurent De La Cabrerisse but I will be offering a pick up and drop off service if it's needed. Or you could simply drop your pet off and I will call you when they are finished :) However, this service will be up and running in February 2016! 

Thank you both for your replies!! Hopefully I'll meet your beloved dog soon! :)

yorkshire rose-495828 1439886123

Hi Just another idea for your business.  Where I live  there is a mobile groomer who has fitted out a small van , bedford rascal or something like that, the van is also her advert as it is sign written with her details and pictures of dogs in the bath etc.  She does house calls and also has a spot on the markets, she also sells a few products.  I have seen her working on dogs in the vehicle so know she picks up trade on the market and I know of a few elderly people in our village who use the service and the dogs look very good.

Good luck whichever way you choose I am sure there will be a demand.



Sally1993 1439889492

Hi 'Yorkshire rose'

Thank you for your comment. That is something I will defiantly look into! :)

Thanks again!!

pilvikki 1439898289


i'm way out of your area, but thought i'd mention a groomer who comes my home, clips and shampoos my doodle here.  it takes her a couple of hours to plow through her coat, but lucy (a bundle of nerves) stays calm and perfectly content.

not to everybody's taste, but it works for us.

good luck with your business!




ola-613260 1439901654

Hi Pilvikki, what area are you in as I would be interested in a mobile groomer for my dogs.

Kaleidescope 1444676613

Could you pls give me this groomer's details.  I live in a village (34480 Pouzolles) with no car and I didn't realise the transport is virtually non-existent.  I only arrived in May and am going to try and sell and move to somewhere where a car is non necessary.

ola-613260 1444680782

Hi Pilvikki, whereabouts are you? I think it would be better for my pooches if the groomer could come to me.

Kaleidescope 1447067639

I live in 34480 Pouzolles with no car.  I have 2 small dogs and wonder if there is somebody out there who would be willing to visit me and groom my dogs?  Both dogs are Lhasa Apsos. 

Thanks in advance

vacancesthezan 1447072455

HI Kaleidescope

There is nice guy who lives to our village and parks in the square from time to time (during Market days) with a portable dog grooming van. It is called something like "toutou". Why dont you ask at your Mairie? They will know someone. Maybe ours will travel to you - it isnt that far.

Dog grooming is very popular in France and there are "salons" all over. Have a look in the yellow pages or on the internet.  "toilettage de chiens a domicile" will bring up a long list of people who come to your home.


Kaleidescope 1447092213

Thanks for your speedy reply.  Where is your village and do you have this man's details pls?

Buses from my village are virtually non-existent.  They are geared mainly to school/college pupils leaving early and returning late.  (I was unaware of this lack of public transport when I purchased my hse otherwise I would not have contemplated it).  



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