Dog sitter required for February 2017

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Hello, we have a small rescue dog called Doug, he is a french spaniel. We have to go home to Australia for 3 weeks and would like to have somebody look after him, (near Roussillon)  as we do not want to send him to a kennel. We will pay somebody, but he needs to sleep inside and loves to chase the ball every day. Is anybody close by that would like t look after him, or maybe you know of somebody. 

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baxterjay 1483627264

Hello, We would be able to help you, if Doug is dog friendly, as we have 2 ball mad spaniels! However we have looked on the map and we are miles apart. We live near Olonzac 34210. 

sclues 1483627694

Hello, thanks for your reply. We were in Carcossonne a few weeks ago, so this is about 2 hours by the looks of it. I will discuss with my wife (who is out today) and get back to you. Doug is very dog friendly, but he can be a little prone to escapism (although not when there are other dogs to play with) Is your property fenced in?

baxterjay 1483636875

Hello, We are 25 minutes from Carcassonne (direction Narbonne) in a small village. Our property is fully fenced and we are on a 3500 m2 plot. We take our 'lads' out every day. One thing... we do leave our dogs for up to 3 hours when we go out shopping, so Doug would need to be left with our dogs (inside the house) but this is probably only once a week, otherwise the 'lads' go everywhere with us. I'll wait for you to get back to me if you think we can be of any help.

sclues 1483895075

Thankyou, we have a possibility close to us we are investigating Tuesday. I will get back to you after that if we need some assistance. Thanks for your reply, I think Doog would fit right in.

baxterjay 1484032227

Hello. Glad to hear that you may have got Doug sorted. Come back to me after Tuesday if you that doesn't work out for him.

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