Flying with nervous dog

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Hi My cat isn't scared of anything, but my dog gets ealily spooked by noise and things unknown. I have never taken a dog with me on a flight, any recommendation for suitable medication would be greatly appreciated. He is too large and must go into the luggage hold. Thanks

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tuzes 1454322599

Hello, I used to fly to Africa with mine  . .  the vet gave me a sedative to inject beforehand, he was OK. Talk to yours, he will advise as he probably already knows the dog. Terry

ValDa (Aude) 1454325731

Have you enquired whether your chosen airline/airport will take dogs?  Many airlines don't any longer, of if they do insist that it is through a proper 'pet carrier' company.  I don't think it's possible to take pets on any of the budget airlines flying to France any longer.

LYNNEE 1454329735

I'm not sure that you are allowed to sedate your pets when flying - I believe there are guidelines on the DEFRA website?  It may be possible to use homeopathic remedies to calm them.

Melou 1454672539

You need to talk to your vet - we have found the prescription medication 'Comfortis' to be very effective in calming our labrador, who went very 'gun-shy' with the chasse guns, or thunder. We also use a brilliant wrap-around 'comforter' garment, called a 'Thundershirt' it brings instants calm - but how long is your flight going to be?

You can sse details here -

Hope this helps . . . . .

BritAbroad-900711 1454675924

Hi The flight is within France and would last about 90 or so minutes

Melou 1454693290

A 90 minute flight should be no problem - I think that you will be amazed by the Thundershirt. It has an instant calming effect, fits very snuggly (with velcro), and will be very comfortable for your dog during the flight. . . . . and obviously it will be very useful at other times as well.

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