Looking for owner of six Cane Corso or Black Mastiff dogs

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The driver is a causcasian women in her late 30's to early 40's.  She was in Cessenon sur Orb in Herault on the 5 Sept.  She was driving an old white (possibly 2007ish) Renault Masters van with internal bars and a sliding side door. The rear number plate was yellow.Her six dogs attacked my husband and seriously wounded our small dog.They weren't muzzled or on leads and escaped from the unsecured.It has been reported to the Gendarmes.These are Class 1 Attack dogs and are dangerous.If you have any information we would be very grateful if you could phone on Ph: 0980399433

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ValDa (Aude) 1474735643

Would it be worth looking at the registered breeders in the area?  Someone with six such huge dogs is going to be well known amongst the people who sell that breed.  Don't they have to be registered - and it might be worth looking into the registration process for Class 1 dogs.

Sorry not to have more useful information but I do hope you find the person responsible.

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