Removing burrs from dog's fur

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We have two small dogs - one mainly Yorkie and one a Shih Tzu - and both have longish fur. This summer seems to have been worse than normal for them collecting small spikey burrs (like seeds or something) which clump together in their fur. I guess this has been worse because of the dry weather but it is a nightly task to clear them both.Generally we just patiently part the hair and ease them out with a bit of scissor cutting for the worst ones. Fortunately they are both fairly patient but it does take a long time - any bright ideas for alternative methods (short of just shaving them completely!)?

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You could try rubbing vegetable oil on thew dogs fur, this softens the burrs which can then be combed or brushed out gently. 

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Thanks Phoenix

Doesn't that make them a little oily? They do spend a lot of time on my wife's lap! (OK on mine as well if I have to admit it......)

Sounds like a great solution if no side effects.

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Yeah, I guess you will have to bathe them as well....busy business those burrs !

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