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Did I hear right that there are wolves roaming around the Cévennes and that there is a bear near Toulouse? Have we moved back to Meviedal times?

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julianps-482116 1149857194

So, not moved on far then......



julianps-482116 1149859724

Wikipedia can't even link to their own URI's....

Try "Beast of Gévaudan" in their search box to find the article. Or just use Google.....

GrannyFi 1149890786

Ask the resident expert, Chris Luck,
LPO - Working for birds & wildlife in France - as seen in previous discussion on bears - can we get this one to 5 pages???

Whose coming to the picnic then - no bears or wolves in Montpellier, and I don't bite! (and yes I still have my own teeth!)


Chris Luck-482342 1149895004


No wolves in or around Cévennes unless one has escaped from a wildlife park, they are all over in the east.

Not sure about Toulouse as such, but in the last week there have been some sightings of what may be bear prints in Aude I think it was. This would be one of the existing bears that are further south in the Pyrenées and not one of the recent releases.



LPO - Working for birds & wildlife in France

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excellent 'beast of Gevauden' story though, think everyone will have to agree on that one. Was totally new to me and completely, bloodthirstily (if such a word exists) enthralling. To try and get to five pages and beat the bears. What's happening with the frogs?

Chris Luck-482342 1149898285

Frogs.....I'll have to come back on that one tomorrow, got to go to bed now, bird species / nesting recording in the morning.



LPO - Working for birds & wildlife in France

George-482094 1150108121

There are a couple of wolves in the wild in Lozère. Could be Italian or Spanish wolves apparently, according to this article: http://ours-loup-lynx.info/article.php3?id_article=667

But they could also have escaped from Gévaudan.

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